uber self-driving car crash: what really happened - laser range finder sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
uber self-driving car crash: what really happened  -  laser range finder sensor
Back to Uber, an Uber self
Driving and killing 49-year-
Old Elvin Hertzberg in Tempe, Arizona, after no emergency parking.
After the US federal investigation, it was thought that the car had not stopped because the system to implement emergency parking in dangerous situations was disabled. So, how to self
Is driving really useful? Most self-
The driving car has a GPS device, a range of sensors such as radar, video and laser range machines, and navigation systems.
All of these features are designed to help the car become aware of the surrounding environment in order to navigate without the need for manual input.
Radar is one of the main ways to achieve self.
Map its environment by driving a car.
The radar represents radio detection and ranging, simply by transmitting radio waves in a specific direction and detecting reflected waves or echoes from objects in the surrounding environment.
Radio waves are generated by antennas in which electrons move up and down through alternating current.
Radio waves are transmitted in the form of pulses, and the time required for pulse return provides an indicator for the distance of the object.
Similarly, the Laser range device works by measuring the time it takes to transmit from the laser beam to reflect back.
With the help of GPS and inertial navigation systems, data from sensors allows cars to build 3D maps of their environments and make decisions for their next actions through their control systems.
Algorithms that make up the control system help to determine long periods of time
In the case of eliminating all dangerous or impossible movements and considering harmful objects, the scope plan for the next move of the car.
Once the optimal path is determined, the action from the control system is entered into the vehicle actuator that controls steering, throttle, and braking.
About Uber
When driving the car, it was found that the emergency braking action was disabled, and as the National Transportation Safety Commission said, the car was controlled by the computer.
Sensors on Volvo XC
The woman was found in 90 SUVs, but the car did not brake due to the disabled emergency braking function, and the manpower reserve driver in the car was not warned, so there was no timely intervention.
Found that the car was traveling at 43 miles an hour and needed to break 1 mile.
3 seconds before impact
Although regulators continue to investigate the cause of the accident, Uber has suspended its own tests.
Drive cars in San Francisco, Toronto, Arizona and Pittsburgh.
A spokesman for Arizona Governor Doug Dusi said we are waiting for a more thorough and final investigation report. Uber’s self-
Keep the vehicle hanging.
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