u.s. faa proposes requiring fix for boeing 787 dreamliner - laser proximity sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
u.s. faa proposes requiring fix for boeing 787 dreamliner  -  laser proximity sensor
New York (USA)Reuters)-The U. S.
On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration proposed that Boeing 787-
8 Dreamliner, following "a large number of close to sensor failure reports"
Wings of tech aircraft
The FAA said in a proposed airworthiness directive planned to be released on Friday that a sensor failure could cause the aircraft to depart from the runway at a short runway landing or in bad weather.
The FAA said that if the directive was passed, it would affect 15 aircraft registered in the United States.
The FAA's actions tend to followU. S. airlines.
By the end of October, Boeing delivered 197 787-8s worldwide.
"We have received many reports of near-sensor failures in slat tilt detection mechanism components (DMA)
"This led to the interruption of the landing incident," the FAA said . "
"It is determined that the failed sensor breaks the magnet line due to the thermal expansion and shrinkage-induced stress of the epoxy resin applied around it," the mechanism added . ".
New rules need 787
8 The operator who replaced the slat tilt detection mechanism assembly within two years from the effective date of the instruction.
The cost per aircraft is estimated at $935.
Boeing said it supports the FAA regulation, which requires action, and noted that the company has requested 132-787 operators.
8s replaces the mechanism on each wing of the aircraft.
It says about the third one has been modified.
"We are committed to the safety and quality of our products and we will solve them immediately once problems are found," Boeing said in a statement . ". (
Reports from Alwyn Scott;
Edited by zizu Nomi Hill, Jonathan Otis and Richard Zhang)
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