tracking lost flights: light-based radar tech is more precise - electronic laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-12-18
tracking lost flights: light-based radar tech is more precise  -  electronic laser measuring device
A new study has shown that a new system that uses optical transmission radar signals rather than electronic devices can be used to better track aircraft in the sky.
One day, researchers can use this technology to develop a way to simultaneously transmit aircraft location data as well as cockpit video or other data, according to the paper published today, in order to reveal the full picture of what happened on the plane in real time (March 19)
In the journal Nature
"It's probably the second black box, not just the black box recording from inside the plane," the research firm said.
Author Paolo Ghelfi is a photon researcher at the National Inter-University Telecom Alliance (CNIT)in Pisa, Italy.
Despite this, Ghelfi said, there is no way to know if this technology will help track flight MH370, a Malaysian airline that mysteriously disappeared in March 8. [
What happened to Malaysia flight MH370?
Five possibilities
The radar system works by sending radio. frequency (RF)
Signals generated by electronic components.
They then measure the reflected waves that bounce back from the target to determine its position and speed.
However, these technologies have limited precision in tracking the distance or speed of the target.
This is because higher accuracy is required to use higher frequency signals (
Rate of wave oscillation).
But at a higher frequency, the electronic components of the radar system send and receive signals that are increasingly noisy or uncertain.
To improve the radar system, Ghelfi and his colleagues designed a method to send out radar signals using lasers and then return signals using photon or optical processing
The component that converts the signal to a digital waveform. Light-
Because the radar signal generated by the laser is very stable, the noise is small.
Ghelfi says this means that in theory it can track the position of an object in the sky more precisely, or scan a larger physical area to quickly scan the object.
The ability to use higher-frequency signals also allows radar systems to use smaller radar antennas, which means they can theoretically be deployed in more places, he said.
The use of the photon assembly also means that the system is more flexible, which means that it can scan or send signals at a variety of different frequencies.
The current radar system can only work in a narrow frequency range.
A future application for this is to send wireless communication data (such as video in the cockpit) at the same time as radar location data.
Another possibility is to use a single radar system to quickly scan the sky to detect the object, and then find its position on any object with higher accuracy.
The new system is just a prototype and needs to be improved to achieve this complexity.
But the researchers found that in the test of the tracking aircraft, the system worked as well as the existing system.
Even with amazing technical improvements, the new system is unlikely to stop the MH 370 from disappearing from the radar, Ghelfi said.
Confusing radar data from the aircraft suggest that someone has turned the aircraft to one of the two paths, and many experts say that the possibility of traveling by passenger plane across the distant Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean is greatest.
Ghelfi said: "I don't know how many radars are there in that area of the Indian Ocean, even if they can have a larger coverage, the plane could be lost anyway.
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