toyota has demonstrated its latest very impressive self-driving cars - sensor laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-27
toyota has demonstrated its latest very impressive self-driving cars  -  sensor laser
From traditional car companies to companies like Apple and Google, everyone is developing driverless cars and has made great progress in a short period of time.
Toyota Research Institute (TIR)
Just showed off its latest vehicle, called Platform 2.
1. There are some very impressive results. googletag. {});
The following is an update on its driver and Guardian self-driving car platform.
At the beginning of the year, the first iteration of drivers and guardians, the two systems either drive completely or act as assistants.
The TIR shows the improved Lexus LS 600hL test car, by changing the lane to avoid hay falling on the path, in response to the "Randomness" of daily life in driver mode ".
In addition to random obstacles, cars using LIDAR laser sensors manufactured by start-start
Letting Luminar perceive what is happening inside and outside can also respond to problems caused by other drivers. (
Toyota Research Institute)
In Guardian mode, when you are driving, the car monitors the external environment to detect any potential danger, and it will take over if there is any danger.
Guardian also uses an infrared sensor mounted on the steering column to monitor the driver's behavior.
If any signs of drowsiness or distraction are found, the plan will take over immediately and allow the driver to take back control in due course. The specially-
The design test car shown in the video is designed to test both modes of safety at the same time-the extra steering wheel allows the safety driver to sit next to the actual test driver for a demonstration.
With Toyota becoming the world's largest automaker, it could be a insightful peak in the future for driverless cars. googletag. {});
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