this week in golf biz: pga tour tests rangefinders, taylormade and adidas start split, pxg's launch - measuring devices distance

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this week in golf biz: pga tour tests rangefinders, taylormade and adidas start split, pxg\'s launch  -  measuring devices distance
PGA Tour will start working on the results-
Positive and negative-that range-
The discoverer has a match. The distance-
In select tournaments on the Web, the measuring equipment will be allowed to be used.
This year's PGA Tour of Canada and the PGA tour of Latin America.
So, at some point in the future, will we see the professionals on the PGA Tour and the ball boy buzzing pins?
Supporters of the device say they will increase the speed of the game, especially when hitting the ball offline (
For example, on different fairways, there is no distance in the code book)
Or when the player takes a close shot in 40 minutes. to 60-yard range.
Belittling it on another level of review in the pre-shot routine.
Andy Pazder said: "The only way we can accurately assess their impact is to actually test it in the official competition of one or more of our tours ,", chief tournament and competition officer, PGA Tour
"We look forward to seeing how these tests are going and carefully evaluating the use of these devices over the course of these weeks.
Our assessment will take into account the impact on the rhythm of the game, optics, and any other impact they may have on the game.
"Distance is allowed for every trip --
In four consecutive games, including Monday's qualifiers, players and caddies measure equipment. The Web.
Com Tour will incorporate changes from May 15-6 to 18, issuing a local rule that the device can only be used to measure distance (
The function of measuring slope, elevation, or wind power is not allowed).
Many young players, such as the second class. year Web.
Com travel professional Anders Alberson said they were excited about the trial because they used rangefinder throughout the university competition.
He estimates that each player can save five minutes each round.
"You have to leave the number of yards, do math, and then double --
"Check the math and it does add some time," Albertson told PGA Tour . ". com.
"So no matter where my position is, being able to shoot the flag at my ball quickly will definitely save me at least a few seconds per shot.
"You can bet that companies like Bushnell are welcoming a trial project for the PGA Tour.
Bushnell, with a 95% market share among professional and amateur enthusiasts, recently released the latest rangefinder Pro X2, which is completely waterproof and can quickly lock the flag from 450 yards away.
Between Taylor and Adidas golf Adidas, the SEPARATIONThe plan officially kicked off on March 31.
According to GolfNewsNet, David abales, President and CEO of Taylor manufacturing, announced the news to employees in a video. The two-
The site says the step process takes about three months, starting with a formal separation, to the end of the stripping phase.
Adidas announced last year that it plans to sell some of its golf sector products, including coollormade, and focus on the core strength of the sports shoes and clothing market.
Although Adidas has already had "specific negotiations" with the relevant parties, it is not known whether there are new buyers in coollormake.
Coollormake has always been an industry leader in metal wood sales, and this year has released the popular new M Series equipment as well as the new TP5 series golf.
The company also signed a endorsement deal with Tiger Woods to include him as the world's number one travel professional
Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia and Jon Ram.
STORESTaylorMade's latest tour iron, for more Heights-
Skilled players hit retail stores in March 31.
The MOI of P770 is higher (
Moment of inertia)
For the speed consistency of the ball, so more forgiveness, and lower center of gravity, this creates a higher angle of launch than its predecessors.
The result is a high-performance iron with good sound, feel, and playability, says halllormade.
For more specifications and looks for the P770 innovative new technology, click here.
Golf Channel ratings growth Golf Channel is celebrating the eighth consecutive quarter of ratings growth.
Perhaps more importantly, the network is becoming more attractive among millennials as golf channel ratings grew by 60% in the first quarter of two years ago.
The ratings of millennials are up 33% from 2016.
Since the Golf Channel joined NBC in 2011, the network's ratings have grown in 19 of 25 quarters.
Mike McCully, president of NBC Sports Group Golf, said steady growth reflected the audience's reaction to live broadcasts
The quality and engaging content of all platforms.
The Golf Channel is now starting to bring this momentum into the Masters, including coverage of golf events, and nearly 90 hours of news coverage of "Golf Central Live Masters" after chip and Putt national finals.
"After the first major show of the season, the network will broadcast its three shows --
About Jack Nicklaus's night prime-time movie Jack.
After getting approval from owner Bob Parsons, the PXG released its second driver, fairway woods and hybrid.
The plan for the new 0811X driver is that it will be linked to a wider range of golfers-not in terms of price, but in terms of performance.
0811X provides a lower spin rate and a higher emission angle than its predecessor (the 0811)
, A drive that promises to be longer and more straight will be accompanied by a price tag of $850.
Parsons said: "This driver may be released before two or three iterations, but we came up with ideas on how to make it better.
When this happens to our customers, they will have more "wow" moments.
This is great for us.
This is what we care about.
I don't know which other company will do that.
"To read more about the new lines of Parsons Xtreme golf and the company's next steps, see here.
Greg Norman and VERIZON's partner, Greg Norman, promised to disrupt the golf industry with technology through his strategic partnership with Verizon.
This week, Greg Norman made fun of the ongoing innovation.
All of his companies will take advantage of Verizon's technology "innovation and efficiency," Norman said, but the first frontier initiative will change the way people play golf and watch golf.
"Our main focus is on providing golfers with a better course experience, introducing new people to the game, and helping golf develop in technological innovation in other industries, although a bit mysterious, says Norman.
More details of the partnership and new initiatives will be disclosed later this year.
Norman will join Verizon's IoT AgTech solution in his golf course design and winery business.
Verizon can help Norman create "smart" golf courses that improve efficiency in the design, maintenance and sustainability of the course, while providing a platform and data analysis to manage irrigation and energy savings for Greg Norman manor wines.
Vertical groove drive to the International? The non-
The traditional drivers used by players such as John Daly and Rocco Mediate have their first international distribution agreement to sign contracts with the veteran dealers of Scandinavia, Slaisman ltd.
Mika Leppanen, sales director at Slaisman ltd, said customer feedback to the club was very positive.
Vertical Groove LLC said it was the first of several international distribution agreements signed by the company. So what's next?
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