this smart tape measure is the tool you never knew you needed - laser tape measure reviews

by:UMeasure     2019-09-29
this smart tape measure is the tool you never knew you needed  -  laser tape measure reviews
Technology has been renewed. defined and re-
In recent years, we have designed many products at home, but the tape measure has remained unchanged around 100.
Until a company called Bagel Labs launched the new Kickstarter event. googletag. {});
Yes, the smart tape measure is now a concept.
It's called Bagel with three usage modes and a digital display to show your size.
There are also Bluetooth connections and microphones for recording notes and then sending measurement details to the app connected on your smartphone.
The most traditional of these three modes is called Strings, which measure the length of up to three metres with one string.
The string is linked to the digital display and can be arranged straight or wound around the object.
There is also the wheel mode, which uses click-
The wheel built into bagels means that no matter how strange its shape is, running along any surface measures its surface.
It also means you can do one.
Delivery quantity.
And a laser-
Pointer and super
Used to measure sound at a distance of more than 5 m. googletag. {});
Bagel's Kickstarter campaign has just started, although it has exceeded the financing target, so it should be up to the expected November shipping date.
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