this laser sensor measures jet velocity by bouncing uv lasers off of air molecules - laser measurement sensor

by:UMeasure     2019-10-01
this laser sensor measures jet velocity by bouncing uv lasers off of air molecules  -  laser measurement sensor
Accurate measurement of wind speed is critical to flight safety
Ensure that the aircraft operates within its own performance range and is safe to operate when approaching the ground and other aircraft.
At present, these data are measured with special air.
Data sensors, such as the "leather hosting" that stretches out from the side of the aircraft, as well as the sensory changes in air pressure.
But there are many problems with the leather hosting, including easy blockage under freezing conditions, and the risk of collision with birds or damage to the aircraft on the ground.
However, scientists at BAE Systems may have found a better solution, a high-precision laser wind speed sensor called LASSI.
Designed for use in the next generation of high-altitude aircraft, the sensor not only improves viability, but also improves fuel efficiency and performance.
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The gun, by reflecting the UV laser from the air molecule, and measuring the "color" change of the reflection caused by the Doppler effect.
"Generally speaking, the farther away from [
Ultraviolet rays
Dr. Leslie lecock, Executive Scientist at BAE Systems, told Digital Trends, which reflects the faster aircraft travel.
"UV rays are invisible to the human eye, but LASSI can capture a slight change in its color, indicating the speed of the aircraft.
The greater the color change of the reflected light, the faster the air molecules move relative to the aircraft, so the faster the vehicle moves.
In simpler terms, you can say that the laser is the light used to reflect the molecules of the surrounding air, and measure the change in the color of the reflected beam to determine the speed.
Dr. Laycock said that BAE has been successful at a low
Speed wind tunnel and ground vehicle.
"The next step is to scale down the technology and look at how it can be integrated into the aircraft," she notes . ".
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