thinking of fighting that traffic ticket? your defence might be a myth - distance measuring device

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thinking of fighting that traffic ticket? your defence might be a myth  -  distance measuring device
It is possible to successfully make a traffic ticket in court.
But if you build it on what you see in the movie, it may not work. Cst.
CurtisWarnarof, security department of TheRegina police station, said he heard various excuses in the book.
Maybe you don't think the conductor will be in court, or maybe the radar hasn't been "calibrated" recently ".
Maybe Regina police arrested you for speeding near Grand Coulee, not far from downtown. Sask.
The speeding penalty has exceeded the driving of the golf cart, and in the national Thunder crime, the speeding ticket is $1,044: The police explain why some popular defense measures may not work.
The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.
CBC: What is the most common misconception?
Warnar: one of the problems we often encounter is that people who often tell us what we are doing are considered traps.
So if we are driving a car that is not marked, or we have laser installed on a tripod behind a pole or tree.
Trapping is actually a legal defense in court, and in court you have to be able to prove that, like the person accused in the crime, the police officer forces you to commit the crime.
We got a lot of the other one. . .
We have municipal police who are members of the RPS and will carry out traffic enforcement on the highway.
Many people think that if you are a police officer in the city of Regina, "No, you can't enforce any kind of law enforcement outside the city.
"We are actually sworn police officers in the province of SA, so we have jurisdiction anywhere in the province.
Is it possible that the radar or laser is inaccurate or wrong?
We usually only use radar in the car.
It's hard to install, so there's an antenna on the front dashboard and an antenna on the back dashboard.
Whenever you see our police standing around the corner or in heavy traffic, it's actually a laser shot.
The laser gun is actually aimed.
Specifically, it projects a laser beam from one lens and then hits the target and returns.
At 300, the width of the laser is only one metre wide, which is narrower than every car on the road.
What everyone is talking about: radar.
I even put people in court and they found out how to fight the radar ticket on Google and then you got there, "No, I didn't even use the radar.
I use a laser. " Ninety-
When people saw that we were on a mission, we had nine minutes and we didn't even have a radar.
We use a laser gun.
Many people when we stop them. . .
They either see my car or they just step on the brakes and look down at their speedometer.
We usually measure your speed before you know we are there.
All readings on the speed measuring device. . .
What is usually done is to determine the cost of the penalty.
How far over [is not important]the limit]
As long as you're done, that needle is fine.
Does the police need to show the driver the reading on the device?
The court said there was no request.
We don't need it.
We can, if we want.
Sometimes where we go, sometimes we don't go.
I had radar in my car.
Do I want someone to walk around the driver's seat of a police car? Probably not.
We will also show it at other times.
However, there is no mandatory right for officials to show you radar or laser readings.
The driver stopped for speeding and was fined for smoking. In Saskatoon, do police and fire fighting work need to maintain or calibrate the factors for radar/laser use?
When I was a radar or laser operator, there was no calibration of the term.
No calibration.
With the laser, we do a distance test to verify the distance you shot.
With the radar, it is the patrol speed verification test.
I parked my patrol car on the road and I usually set my cruise speed to 60 km/h and the patrol speed pops up when I turn on the radar.
All I need to do is make sure the patrol speed matches my speedometer.
Calibration is only done by the manufacturer or authorized service agent.
The police will never calibrate the radar.
Let's just test it.
If the test does not pass, we send it to it for calibration or maintenance.
Go to the court and hope the conductor didn't come up with a good plan?
It depends on the circumstances.
If I do a traffic court in Regina, they have a copy of my schedule in court.
If you show up and want to hit your ticket, they set a trial date and they will actually look at my work schedule.
I'm a collision investigator.
Assuming a fatal collision occurred at that time, it is clear that I will not go to court when I have to investigate a fatal collision.
In other cases, the officer either had a holiday or was summoned for other matters.
The royal family has two options: they can withdraw the charges or ask for an extension.
It depends on whether the court is willing to approve it.
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