the u.s. air force's new light attack aircraft could have some amazing killer weapons - laser range meter

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the u.s. air force\'s new light attack aircraft could have some amazing killer weapons  -  laser range meter
Kris OsbornSecurity, U. S.
The Air Force's new light attack aircraft could have some amazing killer weapons firing lasers
Guide the rocket in the enemy's ground position to reduce accuracy
Thousands of feet of bombs from the air and in close coordination with the ground
Attack controllers to identify targets, after extensive combat scenarios at N Holloman Air Force Base last summer, the Air Force is evaluating combat missions for light attack aircraftM.
Combat scenarios are part of a trial series of missions that may be needed to attack terrorist fighters and other U. S. Air forces with air superiority --
But there is still a need for maneuver, close air support and the ability to precisely destroy ground targets.
Recommendation: The real reason for China to establish a large-scale military air force official familiar with the experiment provides a detailed breakdown of the mission scenario currently being evaluated for reconnaissance fighters :-
Basic surface attack-evaluate impact accuracy using practice/laser hit/miss criteria-
Missiles and non-missiles-
Close air support (CAS)
-Assess the ability to discover, repair, track targets and participate in simulated combat targets when communicating with the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)-
Ground assault troops during the day (GAF)
-Assess aircraft endurance, range, ability to communicate with ground forces via unsafe and safe Radio and receive tactical updatesRescue Escort (RESCORT)
-Assess the amount of work the pilot is using helicopter operations, receive area updates and target data, use ballistic, non-guided/guided rockets and lasers
Guide ammunition-
Night CAS-evaluate pilot workload to identify, repair, track, target and participate in operational objectives for emerging OA
X light attack aircraft is assumed to be low
Cost of businessbuilt, combat-
Capable aircraft are able to perform various tasks in less challenging or looser environments.
Recommendation: 8 million people may die in a war with North Korea. Some news reports suggest that the Air Force was impressed by the technological maturity of commercial products and that service officials themselves were not ready to comment on the initial findings.
The Air Force will soon provide a complete breakdown of results analysis for senior service leaders to inform decision-making
Air Force spokeswoman Col lets calculus move forward
Sharon Evans told the Boy Scouts
Recommendation: Inside the most secret submarine ever in the United States, "the final experimental report and related suggestions are being worked out and will be reviewed by senior leaders after completion," captain
Emily gruboski told the Scout fighters in a written statement.
The idea is to save mission time for more expensive and capable fighters like F-15 or F-
22, when an alternative can perform the required air-
Ground attack missions, such as the current attack on ISIS.
In the first week of the experiment, air force pilots AT Textron Air's-
Wolverine turboprop, and the Sierra Mountains.
A of Embraer-
A statement from the Air Force says super Tukano.
The air force pilot also completed the familiar flight of the Scorpion jet and the aerial tractor company at tershilong airlines.
AT-of the L3 platform integration division-802L Longsword.
Depending on the performance of the aircraft, it is likely to be sent soon to carry out combat missions against ISIS, LtGen. Arnold Bunch.
The assistant Air Force Minister's Office military deputy told Scouts soldiers in an interview earlier this year.
The light attack effort is to make the nearbyterm, combat-
Ready-made technologies to address current conflicts; its low-
Cost and potential tasks
Enhanced features inspire support and attention from senior members of Congress
Followed by Air Force leaders who have been visiting and observing experiments in Holoman.
"We are experimenting and innovating and we are doing it in a new and faster way," Air Force Minister Heather Wilson said in a written Service statement . ".
"Experiments like this help drive innovation and play a key role in improving the lethality of our forces.
"Light attack aircraft, able to hover near the ground and attack enemies close to the US military in a quick situation
The dynamic fighting situation is likely to have significant value in the counter-insurgency.
Type battles and nearby-peer, force-on-
Troops engaged.
The concept of combat here is a major technical conflict between the Air Force and --
Advanced opponents will take advantage of stealth attacks and advanced 5-
Building a fighter jet with air superiority
Before sending light aircraft into hostile areas to support ground drills, launch precise weapons from close range to ground targets and even perform the following operationsthe-
Perform on-site combat rescue missions when needed.
"The experiment is to find new ways to improve preparation and lethality," said the Air Force chief of staff.
David Goldfein said in an Air Force report.
"Working with industry and building on the battle Dragon series tests, we are determining if there is a commercial out-of-businessthe-
Aircraft and sensors can contribute to the coalition against violent extremism. "A-
Super Delicious-
Trained pilots of the Afghan air force have been using-
29 Super Tokano planesA-
The 29s is a turbine spiral aircraft with a 20mm cannon below the fuselage that can fire 650 rounds per minute and a 12 rounds.
7mm machine guns (FN Herstal)
Under each wing, up to four seven.
62mm Delien air M134 Mini guns capable of shooting 3,000 rounds per minute.
Super tukanos is also equipped with 70mm rockets. to-
Missiles like AIM
9L air winding machineto-
Ground weapons such as AGM-
65 Maverick and precision-guided bombs.
It can also use the laser range machine and the laser-guided weapons.
Super Tucano is a highly mobile light attack machine capable of working in high gentle and rugged terrain. It is 11.
38 metres long and 11 wingspan. 14 meters;
Its maximum take
The weight is 5,400.
The aircraft has a combat radius of 300 nautical miles, a maximum speed of 367 miles per hour, and a hit range of 720 nautical miles.
The emerging commercial aircraft flew successfully for the first time in last December.
Prior to this, the Scorpion sub successfully launched the advanced precision killing Weapon System rocket and AGM-114F Hellfire.
These weapons were first directed to their target.
Based on the laser indicator system and then in the L-of the Scorpion-3 WESCAM’s MX-
A statement from Textron says the 15Di sensor kit.
Textron also announced that Garmin's carrier is an enhanced scorpion.
According to Textron information, the newly configured G3000 avionics system includes a large, high
Displayed by two high-added sharpness
Definition of touch
The screen controller, and provides more mission capabilities in the front cockpit position, additional navigation capabilities in the rear cockpit position, and overall weight savings to improve as multiple
Mission plane.
In addition, changes to the body of the Scorpion include a four-degree scan of the wings, an improved rear level stabilizer
Speed performance, simplified landing gear design, Next
Generation heads up display and hands
On the throttle and joystick controls, the Textron data status.
Attack in-6 light6 is a multi-
The role of light attack aircraft.
It uses Lockheed.
10C mission computer and CMC Esterline glass cockpit with flight management system, and L3 Wescam MX-Ha15Di multi-
The sensor kit, laser designation technology and laser rangefinderThis, which provides color and infrared sensors, first appeared in the Scout fighters here. Image: Textron.
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