the shape of things to come - best laser distance measuring tool

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the shape of things to come  -  best laser distance measuring tool
Technology, like anything else, has its fashion and fashion.
But when technology comes up in areas like body scanning,
Technology and fashion go hand in hand.
University of Nottingham Trent
Began a revolution in costume design and manufacturing.
Not only will clothes fit better, but there may be a fundamental shift in the whole market model of selling them.
Say goodbye to tape measure and high-
Street shops are packed with a lot of clothes produced.
Ready for 3D body
Scan measurement and make-to-
Custom clothing purchased from virtual stores over the Internet.
Buy it if your body shape and size are close to standardthe-
Shelves are relatively cheap and stressfulfree process.
For those who can't afford to hire a traditional custom tailor or tailor, this is a painful problem, and the average size based on the standard size does not necessarily have a lot to do with the way people measure it.
Many British manufacturers still use data from the 1951 UK standard survey.
In 47 years, many things have happened to the average body, but there is not much objective research on it.
Professor Stephen Gray of the Centre for Computer Apparel Research at the University of Nottingham Trent has been working to change this.
He and his team have developed software and technology that uses electronic scanners to analyze the size and shape of humans.
The resulting data is something that designers and manufacturers can use to meet good needs.
Comfortable clothes.
"In our market research, we found that people, especially in Europe, want something private, but they don't have time to find a tailor," Gray said.
Body scanning is a fast process.
The idea is that you can go in and measure or scan it once and you can use it multiple times.
And use it electronically.
Trent's team started building databases using the Symcad electronic measuring Booth developed by a French company Telmat.
"We measured 8,000 women by hand and electronically.
We have a database based on a survey of six retailers.
It's interesting that every retailer has a different angle.
"People like Evans specialize in this larger lady, so they are only interested in sizes from 16 to 32.
But they are also interested in the whole age range, from 16 to 90.
And people like Oasis, who we have worked for, really want to fit the 12 th.
They only sell to children between the ages of 18 and 35.
"It's not a problem to convince women to take off their underwear and walk into the booth," Gray said.
"When we explain that our goal is to do better --
We already have people dressed.
Large and small, old and young
I want to take part in the investigation.
"Size, shape and better clothing are important issues," Gray said.
Use in-
The house, 2D images of people using standard poses are analyzed and linked to the market survey questionnaire.
Despite the involvement of retailers such as Arcadia Group, Next and Oasis, the result was the establishment of a general database documenting the changing shape and size of human bodies of different ages and classes in the UK.
"The burger effect is effective in the UK," Gray said . ".
"The average size is rising sharply.
We know that obesity is an important issue on both sides of the Atlantic.
In the United Kingdom, this ratio is 15, and it is still increasing. In the United States, this ratio is about 20, and it is still increasing.
"According to the chart you use, the average size is about 16," Gray said . ".
"So we're much bigger than people have, because most women's dresses are designed for the 12 th.
We haven't even started designing for the average person yet, which may explain why, especially with so many big ladies saying: "I can never find something that suits me and looks good . ".
"With the increase in waist circumference, more and more sedentary lifestyles have also led to changes in posture --
2D body scans get things for easy analysis.
"When we analyze the numbers, we can actually say what the size of 12 is 1998.
"We can also analyze shapes," Gray said . "
"This is done so that different retailers can describe their own specific customer base.
The difference between these people is amazing.
"Garment manufacturers design based on better average numbers is a big step forward.
"What we're trying to re-invent is that people are starting to focus on the relationship between body size and clothing," Gray said.
With pants, for example, there is usually a seam in the center under the crutches.
How much do you use as the shape of your back?
How much is there in front?
You can imagine that if we get fat, the stomach needs more fabric than before.
Maybe the ass is changing shape.
This balance is the trick to make a fitting dress.
"There are very few people who understand the connection between body measurement and clothing measurement.
In some cases, we have to go back to the original text before 500, which discusses the connection between the shape you cut and the way they are combined, and they create a 3D
"Over the past 20 years, as we pursue mass production, it's a baby that's been thrown away by the bath water," Gray said . ".
"Basically, the use and use of computer technology is the foundation of skills. "Three-
3D body scanning is more powerful.
Laser in the United States
Wright is developing a scanning program.
Patterson Air Force Base.
S. Air Force aims to make up for the gaps in British research by measuring 10,800 men and women of different ages and weights.
Although, an important goal of the project is to improve
Protective clothing such as fitted uniforms and anti-counterfeiting
G force suits, the project also aims to "define the dimensional variability in the general population so that garment designers can produce dimensions that can improve garment fitthe-
According to Major Jeffrey Hofmeister, a researcher at the computer's human body measurement research and design laboratory.
Traditionally, 3D scanning is considered an expensive technology that requires the power of a Silicon Graphics workstation to handle imaging and data operations.
But at Trent, the 3D scanning system is running happily on the Windows NT box.
The data of the digital camera is converted into 3D images that can be operated through the Cadcam package.
The measurement results can be quickly obtained by one scan
The straight line from any point on the body to any other point can be calculated immediately, and the true distance that the tape measure will only approach "cross the corner into the gap" is the same.
This is the prototype to take out the scanner from the lab and put it into the booth, and when I was angered by their arrogant arrogance, people could use them as easiland.
But I'm starting to like these little surprises when you break the expected pattern.
The missing categories in the Bafta awards are those that break all new areas in terms of interactivity --the so-
It is called "adult entertainment" website.
What you can do with your mouse in a well is amazing --
Take advantage of the well-known website of director Macromedia.
I will never look at my mouse the same way again!
Online porn is the big playground for Interactive Entertainment, which shows that those who use the best tools are forever banned for their unorthodox nature, a sign of excessive sobriety.
In the end, Yahoo lost another nomination.
It has long crossed the line from search engines to purely surreal entertainment.
Enter keywords at Yahoo!
Like playing association games, the New York psychoanalyst usually does.
You search for "list of bars in Wales" and you get "pubic hair", "Molecular analysis" or, if you're lucky, a list of "publicly available image compression software"
As long as you go to search engines like Yahoo, it's a pure interactive pleasure!
For fun, not for functionality.
Therefore, although interactive entertainment has absolutely nothing to do with the type of experience that the Greek tragedy can bring (
Despite the blessing of Bafta)
Just click on your mouse and have a lot of fun.
How much fun depends on the creative geeks who break through the boundaries of imagination.
We can only hope that not all interactive talents will enrich Playboy.
But for the fun of our collective clicks, we will expand to other areas.
At the same time, mail the example of your best interactive fun website to eva @ never.
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