the pen that's also a measuring tape - laser measuring tape price

by:UMeasure     2019-09-28
the pen that\'s also a measuring tape  -  laser measuring tape price
From the popular mechanical equipment, what the tape measure can do is limited, such as giving you the size of the curved surface. Or add.
But the new instrument 01 ($149)
Although its name is clumsy, it can do almost everything traditional tape measure can do and other things.
It uses a small roller built into the top of the pen. (
It can also be converted into a pencil or stylus. )
Arrange your measurements with the laser guide rail of 01 and then roll the wheel to get your number.
A free app syncs the pen to your phone, so all you have to do is press the top of the pen to stop, record, and store measurements.
Upgrade to the app Pro version launched this spring, which can be converted to 3D rendering.
There's some hiccups.
The roller does not always engage on a smooth surface, and it can be a challenge to maintain a straight line for a long time --
But to measure something unusual, such as the round edge of the table or the cumulative rise and run of the stairs (
For carpet runners, for example)
There's no better tool than this.
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