teagasc researcher aims for us to be world class - handheld measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-25
teagasc researcher aims for us to be world class  -  handheld measurement device
Ireland, world leader in grassland
Based on the production of mammals, it is the goal set by Dr. Frank O'Mara, director of research at Teagasc, recently at the ICT agriculture conference in Kilkenny.
He said that genome selection has increased the genetic growth rate of dairy cows by 60%.
Ireland will soon have the world's largest set of genetic animals (250,000)
New science foundation in Ireland
These data will be used by aid projects in precision genomics.
He said that the measurement and distribution of grass should be as accurate as weighing concentrated feed;
There are good tools, but they must be automated.
This may include the height and density of sending grass via Bluetooth or satellite (
Including GPS positioning)
To the smartphone app, the app can use the information of ranch and Autograssmilk (an EU-
Funding projects integrating grazing and automatic milking)
Develop animal demand and grazing distribution. googletag. {});
Drones can also be used for grassland measurements, and Teagasc has already used space ranch growth measurements.
Distribution of grazing areas without fences
Could be one of the next steps.
Dr. O'Mara said that the sensors in the veterinary diagnosis may also be part of the future, allowing for rapid opening
Replace or support on-site diagnostics in the laboratory-
Based on diagnosis.
Handheld devices can take small samples and give results of BVD, liver fluke, IBR and immunoglobulin G in a few minutes (IgG).
Farmers already have Teagasc e-
Profit monitoring-
Line tools for analyzing performance and benchmarking against other farmers as well as the milk supply prediction model Smart Appi used by GIIL and Dairygold.
Dr. O'Mara said there are many other agricultural-related databases (
Including AIMS, LPIS, ICBF, Irish PastureBase, Irish soil information system, national farm survey, Irish Ordnance Survey, Met Eireann.
Geological Survey of Ireland and Tellus).
This data is integrated with the low cost of useful data, providing an opportunity to use methods that explain the data and present intelligent output to farmers in real time.
He said at the meeting that by using information and communication technologies and related technologies, taking advantage of Ireland's excellent database and research advantages, there is a great possibility of improving efficiency, profitability and sustainability. googletag. {});
The integration of these disciplines can bring another competitive advantage to Ireland.
As the most important data
The development of world animal husbandry.
Teagasc and UCD, in collaboration with the Association of Agricultural Sciences, organized a meeting on agricultural knowledge and technological progress at the Tullamore Court Hotel on Wednesday, June 10.
The meeting fee for ASA members is € 40, and the meeting fee for non-members is € 50members.
The representative must register at www. asaireland. ie in advance.
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