tangible memories: tales through objects from across the bloodied border - laser room measuring device

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tangible memories: tales through objects from across the bloodied border  -  laser room measuring device
Take a different approach than broad and good
Aanchal Malhotra's "remnants of separation" is an underground documentary file on the subject: history divided by material memory attempts to establish "the ability of an object or property to retain memory and stimulate as a memory ".
Artist and oral historian
The founder of the digital material Memory Museum, built her first book on objects crossing the bloody border, and what they mean to the people who carry them.
Starting with her own touching observations of her grandparents and grandparents from sarhad ke uss paar (
The other side of the border)
She traces the family history and social ethnography by preaching heir, whose values are not determined by antiquity or price, but by the intimate nature of "vulnerable acts that show the painful past" and "This experience
In the object that was found from millions of people to enter the book, there was a ghara (a pot)and a gaz (
A measuring device)
A pearl gift from Wang Gongtikka (
Jewelry decoration on forehead), a hand-
Still with soulful sewed shawls, a stone plaque, a poetry notebook and a variety of antiques, all with photos of the photo telling.
Featuring 19 Selected Stories, this book is decorated with the author's extensive visual description of their environment and is mainly limited to privileged environments.
In addition, Malhotra's writing relies more on emotion than on learning.
This book is not unappealing.
The author writes effectively in the first person, the dialogue is gentle and colloquial, and she is good at weaving the citations into a coherent narrative.
She said that while studying for her book in Lahore, she did not feel homesickness because it looked as familiar as the Delhi she lived in.
The classification of areas that she knows little about the "special circumstances of the object of immigration" includes those that bind generations, and people seek to return what they have abandoned years later in connection with their careers, this was discovered by accident.
Malhotra's observation of the mysterious way of working in material memory is memorable (
"It is hidden in the folds of clothes in old records and in the boxes that inherit the jewelry. . .
It seeps into our years, it is still quiet, piling up the past like a layer of dust. . . ”).
Her dedication is written like this: "For her, she taught me the importance of the soil, and for him, she tried to forget it.
This tentative exploration, based on tangible artifacts, implies not the gap between the two, but a complex world composed of many indelible and interrelated clues, which deserves more
Remnants of separation: history divided by material memory;
Aanchal Malhotra, Harper Collins, 799.
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