subway footlong sub only 11 inches, say customers - buy digital measuring tape

by:UMeasure     2019-12-29
subway footlong sub only 11 inches, say customers  -  buy digital measuring tape
According to a series of photos posted online by angry customers around the world, 11 inch seems to be the size of the subway's foot length sandwich.
The controversy began earlier this week when an Australian man posted a photo of his foot-length submarine on the company's Facebook page, next to a tape measure reading 11 inch, titled "metro"
"It seems that the photo was deleted later.
Since then, customers have posted photos and reviews of their short submarines.
Lori Olsen aenholi, from Worcester, Ohio, said on Facebook that her family often eats on the subway and decides to measure sandwiches on their own.
She said she bought six small 11 inch-meter-long submarines on Monday.
She said: "I always thought I always got 12 submarines . . . . . . I do smell the lawsuit . ".
Some customers vowed not to eat at the restaurant any more.
"I don't buy anything from the subway anymore.
"Once Upon a Time," said Marius Andrei stanssack, posting.
Danielle Neil said, "I think you're straight --
Lied to the customer.
I don't care that it's just an inch, and what I care about is the morality of this matter.
In a statement on Thursday, Subway said that when the bread does not meet the exact specifications of the company, its size will vary.
"We are strengthening our policies and procedures to ensure that our products are always consistent no matter which Subway restaurant you go to," the statement said . ".
The biggest subway-
There are more than 38,000 restaurants in 100 countries around the world. [
Check out the story of "Subway's 'short' 12 online reactions"
Inch submarine on Storify
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