stanley fatmax tlm 100 product review - exterior laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-09-03
stanley fatmax tlm 100 product review  -  exterior laser measuring device
Over the years, I have used sound wave measuring equipment in the cave measuring project and have been waiting for the price drop of the laser measuring equipment.
I finally have one for less than a hundred dollars.
Leica has been producing laser measuring equipment for several years in the $300 price range, and now they are manufacturing a laser measuring device for Stanley that retails for $89. 00.
Specification: Accuracy: ± 1/4 "(± 6mm)at 100-ft (30m)Range: 2'-100' (0. 6m -30m)
Laser: 650 nm, iiia Display size: 2-
Unit of measurement line: FT/1/8 ", FT/100ths, 10 ths, MetricSize: 7. 5 oz.
2 1/2X4 3/4X1 1/4, splash and dust proofLow indicator: low battery, message code, measurement reference (front / rear)
, More batteries: 9v (included)
Including: soft suitcase with ring.
Cave survey is an ideal tool for cave survey, the measurement results are easy to read, and the laser point is ideal for the darkness in the cave.
By touching the button, measurements can be made from the front and back of the instrument.
Simple TLM 100 is Simple to use, with only four buttons, and on/dist can get the distance with just a quick click of two big red buttons.
Then, in order to prevent the danger of laser exposure to someone's eyes, the laser goes out.
Unlike the sonic tape measure, there is no time to wait for reading and it is instant.
Press and hold the center button to change the unit of measurement, and TML 100 will remain in that mode until it changes.
Using sonic devices, I always have to select Ft/100ths after each measurement.
After the measurement is made, the unit will remain open for 60 seconds.
The laser will last 30 seconds and wait for the second push of the button to give you enough time to find the measuring station.
Press and hold the left button to change the measurement from the front of the device to the back, and an indicator in use is displayed on the screen.
It will keep the total running amount, but it will only keep the total running amount if it is measured within 60 seconds of each other.
This doesn't help much with the measurements as I can't move so fast between stations.
It also measures square feet and volumes quickly.
When measuring from the measuring station, it is very easy and quick to get the upper, lower, left and right distances of the measurement.
I am looking forward to the next cave survey using TLM 100.
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