south jersey murder trial: defendant lived 53 yards from wooded area where body of jennifer whipkey was discovered - distance measuring device

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south jersey murder trial: defendant lived 53 yards from wooded area where body of jennifer whipkey was discovered  -  distance measuring device

The man accused of stabbing Jennifer whitkey to death lives a little more than half a football field away from where the body was found.
This is one of the testimony heard on the fourth day of Thursday's trial of Brian M.
Mertz, accused of rape and murder of 22 people. year-
Old Town of East Greenwich.
On May 26, 2002, the woman's body was found in a woodland near Westwood motel in West Putford town.
Mertz was staying at the motel.
Authorities say he caused 63 knife wounds to Huki and left her body in the woods.
Investigators allegedly compared the DNA found on the spot with Mertz's DNA.
On Thursday, Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office Detective Nicholas Shuk testified that the distance from the front door of motel 110 to the place where the HP-key body was found was about 160 feet kilometers, or a little more than 53 yards.
Schock, who worked in the prosecutor's office for about five years, said he recorded the distance in August with a laser measuring device, which is usually used to investigate crashes or other scenarios.
The murder trial of Jennifer whitkey showed 63 wounds;
Mertz Defense Cross
The sedpford man accused of murdering Jennifer HP key in 2002 also showed the jury a series of photos taken every once in a while moving from the motel room door to the nearby location of this horrific discovery.
This progress shows that people can go straight from the room, the parking lot, across the road and in the woods.
With ongoing inquiries from Gloucester County Prosecutor's assistant Michael Coven, who is in the process of hearing the case, Schock also spoke about finding the knife that prosecutors consider to be a weapon of murder.
Investigators reported that a black folding knife was found in the garage on December, when a search warrant was executed in the area. 27, 2011.
But there are also forklift boxes in the garage, which are also common there --
Defense lawyer Bruce K.
Warren suggested.
However, when asked if people in the garage had knives, Schock said they did not.
Warren asked the detective that the blade was not 3 inch long, and Shuk affirmed it. On Tuesday -
The third day of the trial
Doctor of forensic pathologistPaul J.
Hoyer testified that there were about 2 inch of HP's deepest wounds.
However, Hoyer said the blade of the murder weapon could be longer.
Warren asked if the blade was partially jagged, as did Shawk.
On Tuesday, defense counsel made the same accusations against the evidence because Hoyer did not say that the wound could have been caused by a knife with a jagged blade.
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Under the question of Curwin
He reiterated on Tuesday that he still believes the knife could cause wounds on HP's body.
Mertz is still in prison as the trial continues.
The testimony is scheduled to resume at 9: 00 on Tuesday. m.
Mertz was accused of dying in whitkey in December 2002.
It is reported that the authorities have been investigating him for two to three years.
They claim that Mertz found whitkey from adelfiya restaurant and nightclub in Depford town around three in the morning. m. on May 25.
He was accused of sexually assaulting her at some point and causing a wound, and Hoyer said there were 15 wounds in the neck alone.
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