soon, hi-tech tests to spot unsafe buildings | mumbai news - times of india - laser distance meter for sale

by:UMeasure     2019-11-07
soon, hi-tech tests to spot unsafe buildings | mumbai news - times of india  -  laser distance meter for sale
Mumbai: First of all, some dilapidated buildings in the city, such as schools and hospitals, will undergo ultrasonic pulse tests and 3D scans to detect where structural defects are located.
Probably for the first time in history, a handful of key lifeline buildings in cities like schools, hospitals and officials with weak structures will undergo ultrasonic pulse tests and 3D scans.
Similar to pulse and x-
Ray tests are performed on patients, which will help to identify structural damage.
The selected building will perform corrosion meter testing, laser distance meter testing, and speed testing to identify its damage before the team fixes and rebuilds.
The development followed several construction accidents in Mumbai's metropolitan area, which killed dozens of people.
"After the structure is damaged to zero, the building will be repaired.
"The project will be replicated across the state," said a senior Mantralaya official . ".
"The pilot project will be completed by January 2014," he added . ".
Chief Secretary Jayant Kumar Banthia held a meeting on Saturday on the way the plan was made.
Engineers from various agencies such as BMC, Urban Development Department, Mhada, SRAlum Rehabilitation Authority, MMRDA, Cidco, MSRDC and PWD are shortlisted.
Again, before the training of 40 people, all of these offices were asked to suggest lifeline structures that are extremely important
"The November squad," said I Z Kundan, secretary of disaster management.
By November, weak links measuring key structures such as schools, hospitals and railway buildings in Mumbai * zero government agencies * will train a team of five engineers to identify, audit and repair weak structure * structural audit starting with diagnostic tools such as ultrasonic pulse speedometer, corrosion meter, laser
By December, 3D scanning of the distance table and buildings * January will complete the repair of the buildings download the India Times news app of the latest city.
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