‘soft on drugs’ talking points go up in smoke - green light laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-22
‘soft on drugs’ talking points go up in smoke  -  green light laser level
Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder took a step without a modern precedent, giving the green light to voters in Colorado and Washington.
Approved marijuana
Legalization measures
After 40 years of the "drug war", the Justice Department decided to move in a more progressive direction.
Then Republicans in Congress did an interesting thing: nothing.
If previous governments tend to take steps on the drug policies that the Obama administration has already taken, fear prevents them from doing so-no one is willing to be condemned as "weak against drugs" or "weak against crime ".
But the situation has changed rapidly.
Holder is likely to think that if there is political resistance, it will be moderate and unconvincing if it exists.
Usually, the key point of the backward conversation,. G.
It may be the assumption, just not to resonate as before, that the mainstream of the United States has lost interest in an expensive policy that has torn the family and
Holder's assumption is correct.
In fact, this is not the first time.
A few weeks ago, Holder also announced sentencing reforms aimed at circumventing non-mandatory minimum
Violent drug crimes
Since then, Republicans have not expressed much about it.
If Republicans think they can get political benefits from the offensive, they will.
If they have any reason to believe that by destroying the "drug war" and jumping on and off the rogue Obama administration to destroy the United States, they will make progress in the polls, and/or help motivate the party to our base and they will do that.
But the point is that even Republican leaders don't see it as a struggle worth continuing.
The roll call added, "one day after the Justice Department announced that it would not challenge state laws to legalize marijuana, no supreme leader in Congress has spoken on the issue-perhaps signaling, the harmful nature of Cannabis politics. ”Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo. )
This is called progress ".
"I am very inclined to agree.
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