sled dogs seem to walk on water in climate expert’s photo of melting arctic ice - measuring devices

by:UMeasure     2019-09-17
sled dogs seem to walk on water in climate expert’s photo of melting arctic ice  -  measuring devices
Climate experts have released a photo showing snow sled dogs trekking on partially melted sea ice while walking in the water to retrieve scientific equipment in the Northwest Greenland.
This photo was taken by Steffen Olsen, a climatologist at the Danish Meteorological Institute, on June 13, when the team went to take measurements of the ice that had been planted in the Inglewood Bay to monitor the condition of the area. googletag. {});
They planned the trip using satellite imagery.
However, when the dog sled reached the area, the team found the ice sheet hidden under a shallow lake.
Mr. Orson said that Greenland's communities rely on sea ice for "transportation, hunting and fishing", and that the flooding caused by the melting of the surface requires "improving the Arctic's predictive power ".
The photo was shared by his colleague Rasmus Tonboe at DMI, who wrote on Twitter that "a fast melt with low penetration and less cracks and sea ice will leave the melt at the top ".
@ SteffenMalskaer retrieving our marine berths and weather stations on sea ice in northwest Greenland this year is a daunting task.
Low penetration, fast melting of cracks and sea ice keep the melted water at the top. pic. twitter. com/ytlBDTrVeD—Rasmus Tonboe (@RasmusTonboe)
In June 14, 2019, Ruth Motham, who is also a DMI climate researcher, said: "The ongoing project by Steffen is working closely with local hunters at Qaanaaq.
"They are monitoring sea ice and ocean conditions in Inglefield Bredning near the village of Qaanaaq in the project, they place instruments on sea ice formed in the bay every winter, and then recycle them at the end of spring and early summer, until the sea ice breaks, in order not to throw expensive instruments into the ocean!
"This year, the adventure of retrieving instruments with a dog sledge is still the most practical way to move around the area at this time of year, hitting a lot of water on sea ice.
The ice here is formed very reliably every winter, very thick, which means that there are relatively few cracks melting
Water through drainage.
"Last week, there was very warm weather in Greenland and much of the Arctic, driven by warm air from the south.
This has resulted in a large amount of melting ice on glaciers and ice sheets and still existing sea ice.
"Our projections suggest that the warm environment in Greenland will continue for at least the next few days.
Normally, we expect this warm melt event to happen late in the summer of late June or July, so it is very unusual that this happens very early, although this
Glaciers and icebergs in eastern Greenland (Getty Images/PA)googletag. {});
The maximum temperature of the DMI weather station at Qaanaaq airport in Greenland is 17. 3C (63. 1F)
Wednesday, 15C (59F)
The photo was taken on Thursday.
Mundt Ram MS said: "These digital still need to by we of climatology home the quality control I at present is check these digital whether will become June the station of new record but taking into account the weather have more warm, it's easy to understand why there's a lot of melting!
"Our climate model simulations predict a general decline in the length of the sea ice season around Greenland;
The speed and extent of the global temperature rise is largely dependent, but this week's warming is still a weather --
So it's hard to attribute it to climate change itself.
"In 2012, Greenland experienced the biggest melting ever, and in the four days of July, 97% of the entire ice sheet indicated that the surface melted.
Commenting on the photo, Rossi Rogers, a senior climate activist at Greenpeace UK, said: "from the melting sea ice in Greenland to the 50 °c hot India, the impact of the climate emergency is spreading around us. ”-
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