skin lightening with lasers to get rid of skin discolorations and tattoos - best laser level

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skin lightening with lasers to get rid of skin discolorations and tattoos  -  best laser level
There is no doubt that there are many steps to prepare for laser treatment.
These include finding a well-trained medical professional, identifying the best laser treatment for the desired results, and then budgeting the cost of the treatment.
However, as Brian D. Said, even with all these plans
Zelickson, director of the Minneapolis City beauty care center, reported to the dermatology times that laser treatment "sometimes results can be very mild.
For those who get great results and who don't, it can be a bit hit and miss.
"Because several variables such as the initial condition of the skin, the type of laser used, the skill level of the Doctor and the number of treatments received determine the outcome of laser treatment, prepare for laser treatment more questions than answer.
Regardless of these uncertainties, the results of medical reports do provide some realistic expectations for laser treatment of skin whitening.
Some of the most commonly used lasers that affect skin whitening include quality-switched (Q-switched)lasers. Q-
Switching lasers vary in the energy emitted by each laser and the effect on skin pigments. Q-
Switching lasers include Nd: YAG lasers (
Wavelength of 532 nm and 1064 nm)
Alexander laser (755 nm)
And variable pulse Nd: YAG laser (532 nm). Q-
The switch laser is ideal for tattoo removal.
A study published by the British Journal of Dermatology compared Q-
Q-type Nd: YAG laser
Switch Alexander laser and variable pulse Nd: YAG laser on various tattoos. Seventy-
Four patients. Blue color-
The study was attended by black professional applications, amateur applications, or permanent makeup tattoos.
In this study, about 19% of patients have completely reduced their tattoos, meaning that at least 95% of them are less obvious.
22% of patients had less than 50% improvement in tattoo relief.
More professional applications
Color tattoos are relatively easy to remove, but need about five treatments before removing the dye satisfactorily. The single-
Color tattoos usually require two to three treatments before the patient gets a satisfactory improvement.
The researchers pointed out that,
Tattoo and blue-
The most successful treatment is a professional black tattoo.
Similarly, researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Dermatology Laser Center and the La Jolla Laser Skin Surgery Center explored the most effective way to remove tattoos.
Investigators tested 42 Blue parts at the same time.
Black tattoo with three different lasers, Candela Q-
Continuous biomedical Q-switch Alexander laser
Switching Nd: YAG laser and Spectral Q-
Switching ruby laser
Tattoo treatment with Q
Switching ruby laser shows the highest clearance rate when removing blue
Black tattoos, but this laser is also the highest incidence of permanent pigmentation (Highlights).
Nd: YAG does not cause potential side effects of pigmentation.
The inspectors published their findings in the Department of Dermatology.
Although it's not a tattoo, the skin condition will make the skin blue.
Black or gray blue.
Ochronosis is a skin disease that may be caused by excessive use of creams containing hydroquinone, which occurs most often in people with medium to dark skin tones.
Researchers at the Washington Institute of skin laser surgery, New Jersey Medical College used Q-
Treatment of p-chlorol with an exchange of violet gemstone laser
Two patients were induced to lose their feet.
One patient received six treatments at intervals of two months, and the other received four treatments at intervals of four months.
Both patients experienced a significantly brighter skin area with pigmentation and no laterscarring. The Q-
The switch Alexander laser has also proved useful in removing freckles.
A survey published in skin surgery tested Alexander laser on 100-90
Seven patients with freckles in Asia
The average patient needs 1.
After 5 courses of treatment, more than 76% of freckles can be removed.
These treatments do not lead to scars or long-term skin whitening.
In short, the time and money for successful whitening depends on many factors, including the type of laser used, the depth of the pigment that needs whitening.
In general, Q-
Switching lasers indicate that most people should expect three treatments that are separated by about two months to remove unwanted skin pigments.
The cost of each laser treatment may be between $300.
Depending on the size and color of the tattoo, $1000, which means getting a satisfactory tattoo removal cost is between $600 and $5000.
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