silterra to introduce new chips - handheld measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-24
silterra to introduce new chips  -  handheld measurement device
KULIM: Silterra Malaysia Sdn Bhd plans to launch a new series of chips for small and large panel displays for handheld devices and LCD displays next month (LCD)panels.
Yee, chief executive, told StarBiz that Silterra used the latest CMOS Logic Technology to develop chips designed to provide a higher color resolution for the display. “Measuring 0. 13-
The size of these chips is micron. voltage (HV)
Types commonly used in MP3 players and mobile phones.
"We're still working on another range of HV 0. 18-
Micron chip for LCD screen . "
Silterra is expected to ship about 0. 184 billion HV 0, he said. 16-Micron and HV 0. 13-
This year is a Micron chip. The HV 0. 16-
The Micron chip released late last year was the predecessor of HV 0. 13-micron chips.
"15% of the units to be shipped.
"It is expected to release 2 billion phones this year," he said . ".
Silterra is now more focused on the production of chips.
"Previously, we also produced chips for modems, routers and ADSL devices.
"We are now focusing on making chips used in mobile phones and display screens," he said . ".
Silterra spends between $30 and $40 a year on research and development.
Since its inception in 1995, Silterra has invested about $1.
6bil at its wafer fabrication plant in Kulim HiTech Park.
Nasional Silterra, the main investor, is other developing countries in Malaysia's Treasury holdings.
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