short distance measurement sensor How to Attach Heavy Shelves to Walls

by:UMeasure     2019-07-16
short distance measurement sensor How to Attach Heavy Shelves to Walls
Heavy shelves or shelves that support heavy objects must be firmly installed to support the load and avoid damaging the items displayed on the shelves and the walls they connect.While installing heavy duty racks on walls does not require construction experience, strict requirements are critical throughout the installation process.If the shelf attachment fails, the possibility of injury is very real.The only tools needed are the ones that are common in many homes.Determine the location of the installation shelf.Position the wall post in the desired placement area by sliding the boltLook through the wall for the desired position of the shelf, find 2-by-4 feet studs, mark the position with a pencil.Slide into the stud finder from another direction to locate another edge of the stud and mark that point.It may be necessary to move the desired position on the right or left side of the shelf you originally placed.Measure the distance between the two marks with a tape measure, find the middle of the bolt and mark it.Measure through wall 16 inch and position the next stud by performing the same procedure using the stud finder, tape measure, and pencil.Continue by measuring 16 inch of the other wall and marking the bolts.You have now marked three bolts with a total distance of 32 inch.Keep the first standard on the wall, cross the mark and specify the middle of the bolt.Place the standard at the height you wish to support the shelf and mark the position of the first hole in the standard that touches the wall.Drill a 1/8-An inch diameter hole about 3 inch deep passes through the wall and enters the bolt.Drive a 2 ½-The inch-long flat head screw is 1/8 in diameter and goes through the top hole on the shelf standard to enter the bolt.Place a 4-foot-The spirit of the long Carpenter runs counter to the standard.Make sure the standard is vertical and drill another guide hole to the wall through the hole at the standard bottom.Screw the other screw into this new hole and drill the hole for the remaining hole in the standard.Drive the screw through the standard hole and enter the bolt.Place the shelf holder in the standard slot just installed, which is at the height of the top shelf to be placed.Slide the other shelf holder into the slot in the same position on the second holder.Place the bracket against the second bolt on the wall and place the level of the Carpenter on the top of the two brackets.According to the level of the Carpenter, move the second bracket up and down until it stays level with the first bracket.Place the level on the side of the standard and make sure it is in a vertical position.Connect the bracket to the wall by drilling the guide hole and screw thread.Attach a third shelf standard and bracket to the same process.Place the shelf on the stand and make a pencil mark through the mounting hole at the bottom of the shelf.Drill 1/8-There are inches of holes on the mark at the bottom of the shelf.Pass the hole through half of the shelf.Thread 1 ¼-Inch Flat head screws enter the pilot hole at the bottom of the shelf by mounting the bracket hole.Electronic sensorStandard drill bit, 1/8-Inch diameter flat head screw, 2 PCs-Length 1/8-Inch in diameter Carpenter's mental class, 4-foot-Long braces drill, 1/8-InchFlathead screws, monthlyUsing HollowWhen the column is not placed in the correct position to accommodate the length of the shelf, the Wall anchor is used to connect the shelf.When you drill a hole, it is helpful to have an assistant to fix the shelf in place.Wear protective safety goggles when drilling holes.
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