sensors and measurements How to Fix a Garage Door That Opens Slowly

by:UMeasure     2019-07-01
The garage door opening system operates on a set of tension springs, pulleys, sensors, and electric machines.While the technology to power any garage door is not complicated, homeowners may notice problems with regular operations.These include the door not closed and return to the open position--It is usually caused by something that hinders the security sensor.
-Or open the door slowly.
Slow doors are usually caused by door speed switches or poorly lubricated tracks.Remove your vehicle from the garage for full access to the door opener.Climb the ladder under the bottle opener and use the tabletThe screwdriver in your back pocket.
Reach out to the opener and grab both sides of the entrance panel with your hand.Press and hold the label with your thumb and tilt the panel up or down.Look for a screw that can set the opening speed.
See what settings it has on.
If set to a minimum speed, simply use a screwdriver to adjust it to a higher setting.Up and down the ladder, open and close the door to make sure the speed is right.Step back on a ladder or stool and tilt the channel panel in place.
You will hear a click when it is stuck in the closed position.Lower the garage door to a closed position.Wear goggles and dust shields to prevent the lubricant from entering the eye or mouth.
Set up a ladder near the top of a track.
Climb the ladder with a can of spray lubricant.Spray the lubricant heavily onto the track, from the top of the track near the ceiling to the bottom near the floor.Then lubricate another track in the same way.
Open and close your garage door a few times to make sure it opens and closes normally
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