self leveling laser levels for sale How to Use a Laser Level to Align Fence Posts

by:UMeasure     2019-07-16
self leveling laser levels for sale How to Use a Laser Level to Align Fence Posts
If you want to create your own private courtyard area without prying eyes, your best starting point is to build your own fence line.Regardless of the overall fence material, such as wood or metal, each design uses a fence column as the supporting structure of the surrounding fence.The best option to align a fence column on a straight line is to use a laser level.Using nearby sensors to verify the position of the laser, you can use this electronically leveled machine to generate an accurate line on the ground for fence column positioning.Place a tripod at the end of the fence line you want.Place a manual height on top of the tripod.The tripod leg is adjusted by hand until the horizontal bubble indicates the horizontal plane.Remove the height of the hand from the tripod.Install the laser in the vertical position of the tripod.When you look directly at it, the laser head should appear sideways;You need the laser to produce a line in the direction of the fence line on the ground.Verify the connection between the laser and the tripod by handTighten the threaded clock assembly.A loose laser may drop or cause the tripod to tilt.Turn on the laser using the corresponding button.Please refer to your owner's manual for specific instructions.Each laser has a different function button.Confirm the laser self-By observing the moving head, it enters its vertical plane horizontally.It should adjust itself for no more than 30 seconds and then illuminate its laser diode.Allows the laser to operate in rotation mode.If the laser is still or rotated at low speed, press the speed button to adjust the mode of the laser.Place the laser sensor on the bracket it provides.Lock the bracket in two-by-four.Hold the wood vertically in the position of the next fence column.Adjust the sensor by moving the wood a little from left to right until the laser hits it.The sensor beeps and shows a visible line at this point.Insert the stake into the ground at the same physical position as the indicator line on the sensor.This pile represents the position of the aligned fence column.Move the sensor and the connected block back to the next desired fence column position.Continue adding more stakes to the ground at each fence post position until you complete the fence in that direction.Use a shovel to add fence posts at each fixed point.Your fence should be aligned correctly when you follow your fixing point.
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