self leveling cup holder 2.0 - self leveling laser

by:UMeasure     2019-08-20
self leveling cup holder 2.0  -  self leveling laser
Hello, I'm 14-year-
The old boy who experienced many spills while driving up the mountain.
Things have happened many times and we are going up the hill, a glass of soda spilled on our beautiful carpet and barely missed our expensive electronics.
Then the taste of coffee soda, or anything you might drink, will last forever.
But what's worse than that is that we will hit a highway and our drinks will splash everywhere.
But I have a perfect solution, a self-balancing, shock absorption and new features that protect agnaist short stops and short starts.
This cup holder stays level even on the most difficult hills and can even absorb the worst speed bumps.
It can even absorb the shortest stay time.
This can be applied to almost all standard cup holders.
You can put any Cup in this Cup, just like in a regular cup.
It can be tilted up to 35 degrees, enough to handle the steepest street in the world, Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand!
It can even handle the worst bumps.
It can absorb the shortest stop, with more than 1 inch in any direction.
For the curve track, it is always able to bounce back to its original form.
In this structure, I will use some of the same steps as the previous project because they have such a similar design.
This is the link to the finished product: is the part that actually enters the cup holder.
Size should be anywhere in 2.
5 inch wide to 3 inch.
Start at 2.
5 to 3 inch tall.
These are the parts that tilt the Cup.
The outer edge is.
Diameter 5 inch, and.
The inner shaft is 5 inch long and should be smaller in diameter but same in length.
You also need to change the thickness of the two parts in order to cooperate with each other as in the picture.
You should also place them as close as possible to the pictures. This should be the same diameter as the original cylinder.
5 inch high to fit the joints.
Make the next two circles big enough so that they can touch the rod but not the part around it.
Due to the complexity of the joints, I suggest you make one and copy and paste it three times.
Make the last lap around 3 laps.
Because this is the diameter of the average cup, the diameter is 5 inch.
Choose something that looks weird with two half circles.
10 inch long and 6 inch wide.
Expand the piece you made before to about 7: 00. 5 inches.
Then take a smaller, oval, semi-circular thing and extend it down to the inside.
Change it from solid to hollow.
This is the part where the rod is able to move forward and backward, absorbing the shock of stop and start.
First of all, make a huge tube as shown.
With this tube you want to make it empty so that it can enter a place for the stick.
The reason it bends is because it can bounce back to its original position.
These are to stop the rod from going far and keep the piece at the top.
For these, you want to support them using rectangles.
You should change the angle of the rectangle so that they change with the curve of the oval object.
This is a very tricky step.
A lot of time for me to do so.
I found that the easiest way to place the Wanxiang is to use the arrow keys as it is the best day to adjust the level.
To do this, what you want to do is take out the cylinder so that its diameter is less than the width of the opening of the track.
You also want to attach it to the outside of the Wanxiang so that it can move forward and backward.
This is the part that really holds the Cup.
I improved this from my last note because this one actually has a bottom so that it doesn't fall off even if it's a skinny Cup.
You want to make this cylinder around 3. 5 inches wide.
Since this is the width of most cups, you want it to become this width.
You want it to be 6 1/2 to 7 inch high so that it has enough area at the bottom to rotate from one side to the other.
You want to place it the same way you place the Wanxiang frame.
What you want to do is highlight the whole thing and then move it with the arrow keys so that it can connect to the inner circle of the Wanxiang frame.
You want to place half a circle at both ends of the bar.
You want to do this to keep the universal frame in orbit.
You can also change the color as you like.
I chose this color because it matches the original cup holder in the car.
I hope you like my invention as much as I do.
Remember, feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
I like to listen to the viewer's tips because it let me know what I did right and what I did wrong.
Also, if you like this guide, I would be happy to get a vote for the full spectrum laser race.
If I receive a 3d printer, it will allow me to invent more such projects and make more instructions.
I hope you enjoy my guidance again and don't hesitate if you have any questions.
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