self-driving robot car borne from nissan-nasa collaboration - laser range finder sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
self-driving robot car borne from nissan-nasa collaboration  -  laser range finder sensor
Nissan and NASA are building a car with their own ideas.
In the testing area of Nissan's research center in Silicon Valley,
Liam Peterson showed ogel his future machine. eyed media.
"This leaf may look like a car, but it's actually a robot," he said . ".
The former NASA robotics researcher has played an important role in creating Mars rover, and as part of his future planetary exploration efforts, he is now the chief researcher for Nissan's autonomous vehicle development.
He explains his mission by skillfully comparing Mars with Earth.
"What does our Nissan Leaf autopilot prototype have in common with Mars rover?
They all use similar autonomous systems to navigate their environments.
Robots on Mars, like a 4WD probe, need to perceive the surrounding environment.
They need to make their own decisions about what to do.
Robot cars need to do the same on Earth.
"Robotic cars have sophisticated cameras, sensors and software, and it is the responsibility of Dr. Pedersen's team to create. I.
Software used to make future safe driverless cars.
Nissan reiterated its commitment to itself
At the most recent CES 2018, Nissan North America announced its agreement to continue working with Silicon Valley at NASA's Ames Research Center, inCalifornia, for research and technology development services for future autonomous mobile, including a work demonstration in Silicon Valley.
Nissan is the only automaker to work with NASA to develop the next generation of cars
Driving technology.
The basic question, a lot of people have--
Why make self-driving cars?
"Safety is our first problem," Peterson said . "
"In the United States, more than 20,000 people die each year, mostly under the age of 25.
We can improve this.
Road congestion is another problem.
I traffic jams for 2 hours a day.
Therefore, the more widespread application of autonomous mobile technology can ease traffic congestion and shorten commuting time.
Self-driving cars also bring new modes of transportation.
Sharing traffic makes electric cars more economical.
In the process of creating this safer, more efficient and cleaner New World, Peterson believes that electric cars and self-driving are mutually beneficial and win-win.
"They are one set," he said . "
"By hiring yourself
By driving technology, we can make electric vehicles more economical and clean.
Our goal is zero emissions and zero deaths.
Maarten Sierhuis, director of the Netherlands NRC and former NASA engineer, said, "it is impossible for driverless cars without the need for help.
Any autonomous system is built for human beings, so vehicles must interact with human beings.
To do this perfectly, Nissan has designed a seamless integration system.
It's called SAM or seamless autonomous movement.
It is a support system for autonomous systems and transportation networks.
We can compare it to air traffic controllers who manage thousands of aircraft in the air, but we still have people from a long distance to manage and observe the air space.
Our system is very similar to this.
SAM uses multiple cameras, lidar technology, laser range machines, Milli-
Wave radar and other onboard systems enable it to interact seamlessly with society.
A key question, Peterson explained, is how to be social in our society.
"Just say you have a 4-
You have traffic lights, pedestrians crossing the road, cyclists, people with cars say I came first.
Humans can cope easily.
But this is very difficult for robots . "
Robots must learn how to interact with people and other cars in a socially acceptable way.
If it can't drive in an acceptable way, the people around it will start driving in an unsafe way to avoid it.
"Robot cars must be accepted by the community.
Most importantly, we will not cause inconvenience to the people around us.
Too polite, too slow, too hesitant is unacceptable and not social.
We have to avoid this, "Peterson explains.
"Give this example," he suggested . "
"At a road construction site, you may have a worker waving to you to drive over.
But you also have a red light to stop.
What should the robot do in this case?
"Motorists encounter such a situation every day. From the perspective of Nissan, the most important thing is that robot cars always have a way to get rid of this situation.
For every possible situation that may arise, the car must always have the option to call the remote human for help.
Like a Big Brother, Human
The monitoring systems running always know the location of the car and whether they need help.
When a person is not a driver, the car can call a remote place and get feedback on how to clean up the tricky situation it is in.
When autonomous vehicles using these systems detect obstacles while driving, the data is transmitted to the human mobility manager at a remote location, and then a new path is drawn around the obstacle.
Once this new road is set up, AI will pass this information on to other vehicles, enabling them to independently follow the same path without human intervention.
Nissan is also testing similar systems in Japan, according to Peterson, but on local highways, there are no traffic lights, no pedestrians, and all cars are moving in the same direction.
"In Silicon Valley, however," he said, "Our job is to meet the more complex street conditions in the local area, where traffic lights, pedestrians, cyclists and cars travel in all directions.
Nissan's ultimate goal is to provide a complete seamless mobile system.
The system will eventually manage thousands of cars at the same time, creating a bigger ecosystem for autonomous mobility, Peterson said. These self-
Driving technology will drive services like robotaxi, robo-delivery, robo-
Shuttle bus and robotsharing.
This is undeniable.
The self-driving car is coming, faster than you think.
This R & D partnership with NASA allows Nissan to move smart for a self-
Driving a car will change the society of all.
It all sounds like a James Cameron movie.
Very helpful but a bit scary at the same time.
Many friends and colleagues say how much they expect a convenient world of self
Drive a taxi in the near future.
But I want to know myself.
Pizza delivery.
If no one carries the pizza in person, how will they bring the pizza to your door?
Collect everything. important tip.
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