sea cave is ‘biggest in britain’ - laser range meter

by:UMeasure     2019-10-02
sea cave is ‘biggest  in britain’  -  laser range meter
A geologists claimed to have discovered the largest cave in Britain on the coast of the city of Shetland, knocking a cave in the Cheddar Canyon in Somerset from the top of the list.
Jonathan Swar uses laser ranging
An 18-meter-high Cave was found in the Calders Geo sea hole in Esha Ness (60ft)
The building area is 5, 600sq m (60,278 sq ft).
"I don't think anyone knows how big this cave is, so I decided to find it myself," said Mr Swale, 53 . ".
As a trained zoologist who described himself as "the only amateur geologists", he decided to measure the caves independently of the Scottish National Heritage, where he was a nature reserve manager
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