saudi-led raids kill 20 civilians in yemen port - most accurate laser measure

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saudi-led raids kill 20 civilians in yemen port  -  most accurate laser measure
Coalition-led air strikes killed 20 civilians in a rebel
A government official in Yemen has rarely acknowledged a possible "mistake" in the coalition ".
The attack comes as Riyadh faces the international community's 18-
Month Battle of anti-government forces in Yemen
Raid on Suq al-
Yemeni President al-Hadi told AFP that Yemeni government officials in the Red Sea port of hotaida's Honde area on Wednesday night.
The official said the neighborhood was "probably hit by a mistake ". "US officials --
Who dropped a bomb on the national supply Union-
Often urge their Middle East allies to avoid hurting Africa. combatants.
The rebel government in the capital Sanaa also reported the attack on hotaida, saying there were civilian casualties.
Houthi rebels are celebrating the second anniversary of their occupation of the Yemeni capital.
Khaled Suhail, a doctor at hededa Al-
Thawra hospital said 12 people were killed and 30 injured at his facility.
Picture of Suq al-
Hunod showed residents the scene of searching for survivors under the arc.
The body of a child lies in the morgue, his head is bloody above the left eye, still open in death.
Saudi air strikes-
A United Nations report last month said the Yemeni-led coalition was suspected of killing about half of the civilians.
It called for the establishment of an independent international body to investigate a series of serious violations by all parties in Yemen, where nearly 4,000 civilians were killed.
"It is difficult to see what strategic advantages the Saudis have gained from bombing operations outside the front line," said Peter Salisbury, an assistant researcher at London's Chatham Institute think tank, who told AFP before the hetaida incident.
Saudi aircraft and weapons suppliers Britain and the United States "are under increasing pressure," he said, explaining why they can't affect civilian casualties in Saudi Arabia.
Last month, the US military said it had cut the number of intelligence advisers directly supporting Saudi Arabia.
Coalition air strikes in Yemen.
Lieutenant Ian McConaughey, spokesman for the Fifth Fleet, said that around June the personnel transfer was due to "no same request for assistance ".
He said that the cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia mainly involves "enabling them to better assess the situation on the ground and then provide images of advice and assistance ".
McConaughey added that the goal was ultimately determined by the Saudis.
Riyadh established the Arab League, which began air strikes on last March and later sent ground troops to support the government that Hadi received international recognition after Houthi and its allies occupied much of Yemen.
Brigadier General Ahmed assily, spokesman for the coalition, did not immediately comment.
The Alliance told AFP that they used a very precise laser. and GPS-
The targets have been checked several times to avoid civilian casualties.
However, allegations of attacks on civilian facilities continue.
Doctors Without Borders, a charity last month (
Doctors Without Borders
After airstrikes on a Yemeni-backed hospital and 19 deaths, it was decided to withdraw staff from six hospitals in Yemen.
Amnesty International said Monday that the weapons involved were made in the United States.
Series accuracy-
Air bomb.
It called on Washington and London to stop supplying weapons to coal.
Two days ago, a joint group was conducting an "independent" investigation into hospital attacks and air strikes against a Quran School, which Doctors Without Borders said killed 10 children.
Civilians were also killed on the Saudi side of the border.
More than 30 non
In the najilan border area, rebels, including Katyusha rockets, shot and killed fighters.
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