sas sniper kills isis terrorist 2.4km away using world’s most powerful rifle - long range distance sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-29
sas sniper kills isis terrorist 2.4km away using world’s most powerful rifle  -  long range distance sensor
Iraq: Iraqi army at W.
On the 14 th of the Mosul March, a SAS sniper killed an ISIS terrorist.
Using a large 4 km awaypowerful rifle.
Image source: the supliedan SAS sniper killed an ISIS terrorist from nearly 2 people.
Using a large 4 km away
A strong rifle, according to a report.
According to The Sun, it took three seconds two weeks before the bullet arrived in the hands of a terrorist mob in Mosul, Iraq.
An experienced sniper tried to escape a burnt man and hit the throat of the insurgents
The Daily Star said he was killed almost immediately.
It is considered one of the most difficult long term
The shooting range in the history of elite regiment kills.
The paper said the bullet was fired from CheyTac M200a record-breaking US-
Homemade rifle with a maximum range of nearly 3 m. 2km.
CheyTac M200 rifle.
Image: available/Cheytac.
ComSource: as part of the battlefield trial, subplidit was reportedly loaned to the British Army.
-Four after a fatal blow.
A source told the newspaper that when ISIS terrorists-who themselves are snipers-were relieved of their vigilance when moving between positions, the one-hour cat and mouse game was over.
A sniper from Iraqi Army Division 9 looks for the opposite ISIL sniper from the roof of Mosul.
Image Source: Getty image "this is a classic-
Sniper action, they said.
"The SAS team put him in their line of sight several times but didn't have time to shoot.
"At such a long distance, there are so many factors that affect the flight of the bullet.
"The distance is too far, it took nearly three seconds for the bullet to hit the target ".
Prior to the report, US President Donald Trump pleaded with Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries to eliminate "Islamic extremism" from the region ", it describes a "struggle between good and evil" rather than a conflict between the West and Islam.
Senior Iraqi snipers against ISIS say he has killed 173 jihadist fighters, which is very different from his predecessor, Trump, who has almost promised not to publicly warn Middle East rulers of human rights violations and oppressive rule.
"We're not here to give lectures.
"We are not here to tell others how to live, what to do, who to be or how to worship," Trump said in a gorgeous room in the Saudi capital . ".
British soldiers patrol the southern Iraqi city of Basra.
Source: AFP "instead, we are here to provide a partnership --
Based on common interests and values
Pursue a better future for all of us.
The president's speech is at the heart of both of him.
He made a one-day visit to Saudi Arabia, his first overseas visit since he was sworn in on January. in.
For Trump, the visit was a relief from the controversy that damaged his young presidency and his attempt to reset relations with a region and religion that he strongly criticized as a candidate.
The article appeared on the sun for the first time and was given permission to re-publish it here.
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