rupp aims for another dream in rio - best distance meter

by:UMeasure     2019-11-10
rupp aims for another dream in rio  -  best distance meter
"That (
Silver medal in London)
Helped me from the perspective of confidence.
My goal in Rio is to win.
Rupp told Reuters in a telephone interview.
"What happened in London was like a dream come true. It was weird.
"I remember when I was in my second year of high school, Alberto (
Coach Alberto Salazar)
Let me know that in 2012, it is more likely that you will compete for medals there in 2016.
"The fact that I got there in 2012 was crazy.
Looking back, I still can't believe it.
"Rupp started his new year in two indoor games --
Set a mile record at the Armory circuit Invitational on Saturday and will return to New York 5,000 m on February.
In preparation for two medals at the August world championships, the Milos games.
"Now everything is preparing for the World Championships in Beijing and will obviously play again like a tournament," he said . ".
"So we're really trying to improve my speed indoors and see how the new training is going.
Rupp said that Farah won a gold medal of 10,000/5,000 in the last Olympic and world championships, which inspired and inspired him to try to match the Somali feat --born Briton.
"I'm lucky to have trained with the best long-distance runners in the world over the past few years," Rupp said . ".
"This is pushing me every day.
This is a very healthy game.
"Rupp is looking forward to paying off this hard job.
"I believe I am strong enough.
"My training is heavier and bigger, so I should be able to come back and do it very well," Rupp said . " He won seventh place at the London Olympics with a score of 5,000.
"It's one of Mo's best things to see how he recovered and after running for a few days, being able to recover as strong and hard as before in 5k 10,000 m is really exciting for me.
"Hard training, including after-game practice, is something he's used to in Oregon --based Salazar.
"I have been doing this since my sophomore year," Rupp said . ".
"The reason behind this is that despite the intensity of the game, the volume of the game is not large.
We don't want to waste a day of training, especially during most of the season, we sometimes play every week.
"After running the best 26: 44 a year, Rupp ranked first in the world in Track and Field News in 2014 and 10,000.
36 classic in Prefontaine to break his AmericaS.
Nearly four seconds.
He believes in his long term
His long-term relationship with Salazar helped him to improve and stay healthy.
"With this consistency, you have a close relationship with your coach.
"A lot of the time, Alberto knows that my body will react better than I do," he said . ".
"I 've been lucky to have the same coach since high school.
He's been there for a long time.
My semester plan
I think this has contributed a lot to my health over the years.
"Rupp is as busy as the last July-born twin, Gleeson, and Amy's father, to stay away from the track.
"This is the most incredible and magical thing.
A little overwhelming. . . but a blessing.
"They are so interesting," he said . ".
"When you 've had a bad day, going home is just seeing them and seeing them laugh, it's the best thing ever. "(
Larry Finn reports in New York.
Edited by Gene Cherry)
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