rocket science may change forever with a landing on earth - laser measuring instrument

by:UMeasure     2019-10-22
rocket science may change forever with a landing on earth  -  laser measuring instrument
Must come down, hat to go up.
In rocket science, it is always accompanied by a bang.
But with SpaceX trying to land on Earth, there may be some changes to the equation on Tuesday.
The Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral air base is heading toward the International Space Station.
Howmusk, the Canadian inventor behind Tesla, a famous American electric vehicle company, also owns SpaceX, who hopes to carry the Falcon 9 rocket engine (
This will be abandoned after the first phase of the launch)on a barge-
Like a ship called the autonomous space port drone ship, it waits in the ocean.
The chances of success are not great. -
It could be 50 cents at most.
However, this test represents the first in a series of similar tests that will eventually deliver Phase 1 of fully reusable Falcon 9.
As early as October, Musk said: "If you can think of how to effectively reuse the rocket like a plane, the cost of entering space will be reduced by a hundred times.
Vehicles that have never been fully reusable before.
This is indeed a fundamental breakthrough for a radical change into space.
"Musk's Space Exploration Technology Company tried similar moves on three early Falcon 9 flights, and in the second and third attempts, the rocket slowed down before splashing into the water.
"We have been able to soft
The New York Times quoted Musk as saying, "so far, twice landed the rocket booster in the ocean, and unfortunately it sat there for a few seconds and then tilted and exploded.
It's hard to reuse at this point.
"CRS for today's SpaceX-
In addition to more than 5,000 pounds of supplies and equipment, the launch will deliver cats, a laser instrument to measure the location and distribution of clouds and pollution, dust, smoke and other particles in the atmosphere, it includes an IMAX movie camera and a lab that studies fruit flies.
This is the fifth of 12 spaces.
SpaceX signed up for a space station replenishment mission.
NASA paid $1 to SpaceX.
Five people 6 billion
Annual transactions starting in 2012.
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