right next door: michael axon, founder and ceo, lazercad and the english car company - precise laser measuring device

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right next door: michael axon, founder and ceo, lazercad and the english car company  -  precise laser measuring device
Where there is a will, there is a way--
Even if the situation at hand involves bypassing the top
National level of secrecy
A few years ago, when the British government recruited Michael Axon, an aircraft design engineer, to evaluate different locations (
New design)
Overseas, the military's aircraft can be built safely, and he does what he usually does: taking detailed notes and accurate laser measurements.
There is only one problem: once he is done, the officer will not allow him to remove the notes and readings from the website and enter them into AutoCAD (
A building design program
Back to his hotel.
So Axon came up with a solution to develop a technology through which digital measurements will be entered into AutoCAD or similar program Revit File in real time.
The company he founded, Lazercad, now also produces lowand high-resolution 360-
Degree photography of existing and future buildings, his clients can view anywhere on Earth through their own computers or mobile devices.
Michael Axon filmed his old-fashioned classic and modern car army in his British car company garage.
Axon host "driver-
In f1 movie and Performance Racing for homeless children. (C)
Ian panier shot 2016.
In the years after the initial eureka moment, an American bank company sought to bid, requiring the company to measure its branches by strict standards of about 3,000.
Previous companies told bank executives that it would take five to eight years to complete such a huge project.
Axon, while not known, gambled and bet he could do it within a year if they gave him what he wanted.
He's finished in less than 10 months. -
Lazercad's global visibility has grown rapidly.
His client list now covers all banks including Chase and Citibank;
Department stores including Nordstrom;
Even McDonald's.
Axon grew up in blue-
He remembers that his father's "Pride and Joy" was his Vauxhall vx490.
As a boy, Axon dreams of having such a stylish car-
Now, the success of Lazercad makes this possible.
One day, a bright orange MGB sports car caught his attention at a charity event ---and then some.
"It screamed, 'Buy it for me!
"Memories of axon.
He drove home that day as the first antique.
The current car collection is worth about $3 million.
He and his 13-year-
Old son with full-
Around the Axon family's interest in these beautiful old machines.
Want to share his extraordinary collection with like
He founded a British car company (theenglishcar. com)
The car geek can do a virtual drive on any repaired car in his garage. u200bSpot the 53-year-
For example, his 1956 Lotus 11 is cruising inside, and you might think he's just a midlife crisis on another wheel.
This is not the case: British car companies are involved in many charities and regularly in-
The adventure community gives them what he got when he was a child: a journey to see a better future for them.
According to his grandfather's noblest Creed, Axon lived, he said: "You are born and you are dead.
The important thing is what you do in the middle and what you leave behind.
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