review : at the heisenberg frontier - measuring devices distance

by:UMeasure     2020-02-17
review : at the heisenberg frontier  -  measuring devices distance
Tony Hay, where's the weird thing?
David Lindley, Basic Books and dollars;
24, ISBN 0 465 06785 9I is pleased with the book.
There is no doubt that this is the bestto-
Dates, popular non-technical accounts, I have encountered conceptual issues with quantum mechanics, and some recent measures taken to address them.
I recommend it to anyone without reservation, including professional physicists, who are interested in how the clearly specific world around us is generated from the fuzzy abstraction of quantum mechanics probabilities.
Where is the strange place?
David Lindley began to explain.
Only one equation.
The status quo of the attempt reveals the most fundamental mystery of modern physics, that is, how Newton's law and the familiar world of classical mechanics emerged from the quantum world described by the Schrödinger equation and the quantum wave function.
From Pol and Einstein to David Bohm and John Bell, all the usual suspects have appeared.
As Lindley made it clear, Bell's contribution to focusing at least part of the great quantum mechanics debate on an experiment cannot be overemphasized.
I received most of Bell's education in these matters.
In the early 1970 s, I attended a seminar on the topic "Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR)
The paradox of accelerator physicists ".
I first appreciate what Bell's theorem shows: Any deterministic, hidden variable theory that reproduces quantum mechanics predictions must be non-local, and only allow the "long-distance weird behavior" that tynstein is trying to eliminate ".
In the first part of his book, Lindley gave a very clear and careful description of the conceptual issues raised by the famous double-split experiment.
Of course, photons have to pass through one slit or another, but how does the interference pattern produce it?
This leads to a discussion of the death of the schrörörörörör cat, an extreme example of the "measurement problem" in quantum mechanics.
According to Werner hysenber, the physical world can be divided into two types: the observed object and the observed system.
The former should be described in quantum mechanics, and the latter should be described in classical physics, with measuring devices that display classical properties, such as the position of apostrophe, etc.
Since everything can eventually be considered to be made up of atoms that obey the Schrödinger equation, there is obviously some ambiguity in the place where this "hysenber boundary" is located.
According to the orthodox theories of hysenber and Pol, this ambiguity leads to effects that cannot be observed.
What Bell hates is this "cunning split ".
The last part of the book is devoted to recent attempts to explain how the idea based on decoherence reveals the measurement problem.
Murray Gill-
Mann has interpreted the decoherence as entanglement of the interesting properties of the system, and all other properties that we are not interested in.
We are only interested in which horse wins a game, not in what happened to the fly, the collision with the air molecules, etc.
Advocates of the anti-coherent mechanism claim that the sum of all these details of the classical macro object will cause all the strange quantum effects to disappear.
Lindley gave us a beautiful discussion about the challenge of quantum mechanics to our concept of reality, and was not afraid to go straight and together --sense opinions.
I found his whole book to be a particularly refreshing approach to an area that is often shrouded in mystery.
Only in his last section, when Ridley talks about the cosmology aspect of quantum mechanics, will he, as he himself says, "stumble into a seemingly
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