review: a bookshelf of the starry skies - best outdoor laser measuring device

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review: a bookshelf of the starry skies  -  best outdoor laser measuring device
Nigel Henbest 1992 astronomy Yearbook, edited by Patrick Moore, Sidwick and Jackson, page 224, £ 9.
99 Cambridge Star Atlas 2000
Wil Tirion, Cambridge University Press, page 74, £ 10.
John Cox and Richard Monkhouse, George Philip, pp 40, 95-color star atlas for £ 9.
Constellation of 99 Lloyd Moates and Carol neusson, Aurum, pp 411, £ 19.
A concise astronomical dictionary by Oxford University Press Jacqueline Mitton, p. 423, £ 12.
This is the best time of year to get familiar with the sky at night.
Go outside any night and you will see the bright stars of Orion, the clever hunter, and his companions Taurus, bulls, big dogs and twins.
Find your way around the stars
However, the pointed sky is just an introduction to the astronomical rich pattern: a colored weave that can be guided in many directions.
You might wonder, what are the legends and stories behind the names of constellations such as snakes and air pumps?
Looking closely at the bright stars, especially those observed through the telescope, you will find that they have a unique color.
Sweep your telescope along the Milky Way and you will find a treasure house of stars and bright nebula;
Far away from the Milky Way, distant galaxies will be illuminated.
These recently published books provide an instant bookshelf for anyone who is fascinated by the stars.
Between them, these books take StarCraft from your own backyard to the farthest black hole.
First of all, you need a simple guide to learn about the sky tonight.
Many simply turn to the monthly chart that appears in the "quality" daily, but Patrick Moore's Yearbook provides all the information you need, as well as a wide variety of articles.
This annual publication has attracted beginners and serious amateur astronomers over the past 30 years.
1992 practical articles in the astronomy yearbook will help you do everything from shooting stars to building amateur radio telescopes.
You can also discover the astronomical life of American Indians and the great Victorian Astronomers Royal George Ailey.
Ellie raised the reputation of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich to such a high level that it became a natural choice for the Golden Meridian of the world atan International Conference in 1884.
Once your monthly guide has done a bit as a route --
In the boom of stars, it's time to turn to the Atlas to get a more detailed guide to Sky tourist attractions.
Two recently published atlases are vying for your attention in the bookstore.
Which one to buy depends on what you want to do.
Atlas 2000 Cambridge star
0 is an excellent hand --
For those brave souls, they want to spend their time seriously studying the stars in the old night sky.
The Black Stars on the white background are well displayed in dim light, and the Wil Tirion provides a list of good items selected with binoculars.
Personally, though, I feel it's a bit clinical and the charts are small, and I prefer the color and large page star atlas of John Cox and Richards monhaus.
In their colorful star atlas, each star is presented in gorgeous tones, which is an exaggeration of the real color of the star.
In the evening, you can't easily use the theater outside because the star image will disappear in the blue background.
But it is the ideal guide to roam in the sky from the places I like to observe, an armchair in front of a roaring log fire!
Even with binoculars, human eyes can only see the color on the brightest stars. Long-
On the other hand, exposure photos reveal that the universe is indeed a multi-dimensional place.
Cox and Monkhouse look at all things related to their full-color view of the sky, from the color sense in the human eye to the way stars change with age.
They also discussed why it is white during the day, even if it comes from the sun, which is obviously a yellow star.
The colorful star atlas is the ideal companion of the constellation and is a marker compilation of the sky facts that should be on each amateur astronomers shelf.
Lloyd Moates and Carol neusson spent most of the decade sorting out all the relevant information about 88 constellations in the sky and combining them in a very readable way
Constellations bridge the gap between the "Sky Guide" and books that involve Astrophysics of stars, nebulae, galaxies and meteoroids.
It reminds us that objects like 3C 273-the most prominent astral-are not just "somewhere in the universe", but actually in the sky above your house, whenever Virgo's sign is on the horizon, its radiation will fall on us.
Under the heading of each constellation, Moates and neusson provide a passage through the universe in history and in the sky.
For example, the Romans associate swans with several different mythical swans, from birds to Swans.
Jupiter pretended to lure the beautiful Leda to The Sun on Mars, and he built a temple with the heads of passers-
When he was beheaded, he became a swan.
Cygnus has made headlines in recent times.
At 1600, a humble star is naked.
We now know that P Cygni is one of the brightest and most unstable stars in the galaxy.
The faint 61 Cygni is one of our closest neighbors in space, and in 1838 it was the first star to measure the distance.
Another star of this police station is X-
Swan X-ray source
Black holes are almost certain.
Astronomers in the 1950 s discovered the powerful source of Cygnus A, which had A galaxy that was heavily disturbed, one of the most distant objects known at the time.
If you have a problem with the terms "black hole", "Radio" and astronomy, I would suggest that Jacqueline Miton is a concise astronomical dictionary.
Of the 2400 letter entries between AAO (the Anglo-
Australian observatory)and ZZ Ceti (
Pulsating white dwarf)
She has accumulated a lot of astronomical knowledge.
For example, under the obscure letter "Q", Mitton includes 13 astronomical terms, including Q-
Type of asteroid in quadrant (
An old measuring device)
Quantum gravitational force, the star and the proposed Star orbital radiation telescope.
Mitton's dictionary is not just a popular addition to the astronomical bookshelf: it is one of the few references that every astronomers-amateur or professional-should submit.
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