record sales for sensor specialist zettlex - for sensor

by:UMeasure     2019-09-10
record sales for sensor specialist zettlex  -  for sensor
Sensor expert Zettlex has set a sales record in the past six months.
Growth as of the end of August was attributed to strong export demand, with sales in 45 countries accounting for close to the Zettlex business.
The company's sensors are used in mechanical control systems to accurately measure position or speed in harsh environments. Newton-
London-based Zettlex will officially announce the expansion of its main product line at the DSEI trade show in London next week.
Managing director and co-director Zettlex
Founder Mark Howard said: "In the past few years, we have grown at a rate that has exceeded each year, and it looks like it will continue, coming from all our departments and all our territories, strong demand in North America in particular.
"As customer projects go from pilot to full implementation, we expect growth to continue --
Large-scale production.
Sometimes, the surge in sales can be explained with a large order with distorted data or a large contract with low profitability --
I am pleased to report that both profit and order quantity are consistent with the growth in sales.
Zettlex technical director and jointfounder, Dr.
Darran Kreit said, "it's great to see that some of our R & D efforts are paying off now.
Some of our customers really take our products through their pace-whether it's on a space rocket, a surgical robot, or a jet.
I am glad that we have gained a reputation for fulfilling our commitment to what this technology can do.
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