rebecca romijn all brawn in ‘king & maxwell’ - laser pointer measure distance

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rebecca romijn all brawn in ‘king & maxwell’  -  laser pointer measure distance
In last November, in the Port of Toronto, Rebecca Romein was seen paddling at the Olympics repeatedly.
Pretend to be summer in Washington, D. C.
This is an external shot of the new Showcase/TNT program series "King & Maxwell" about a pair of face-to-face front
Special Staff (
Jon Tenney of Romijn and Closer)
Working crazy together as a private detective
That's what Hollywood shot in the north.
You can't start counting the number of Christmas movies that were shot in Canada on August.
"No one on the beach, even standing and pointing, said, 'Who is that madman? '?
Romijn said with a smile in a pleasant joint interview with Tenney.
See Michelle Maxwell (Romijn)
"Brown "(Her description)
In the team, a former Olympic rower uses waterways as his own personal highway in the ring road.
"That's the way she goes to work in the morning," she said . ".
"Close to the end of the season, you'll see her chasing someone as part of the case we're dealing.
Meanwhile, Sean King (Tenney)
Is the brain "(His description)
The former broker does not use guns for a gradual start after Tuesday's premiere.
He likes to pretend bad guys in the distance, for example, they immediately interpret the laser pointer as a aiming device.
Kim is also a lawyer, "so we are very familiar with the law, and it is enough to bend it even if it is not in violation of the law.
Romijn jokingly said: "He is the one who speaks. I am the real man . " She added.
According to King & Maxwell's series of books by David Baldacci, Tenney said, "Take these books as the starting point ".
There are five books in the series, and the sixth one will be published in the fall.
"The plot of the pilot episode actually started from the fifth book.
And Edgar Roy's character (Ryan Hurst)
Also from that book.
"Roy, a research model and high school
Technology, as an assistant to Sean and Michelle, was written in as a regular character.
Tenney is one of those graduates of the Julia Institute of Music who choose TV (
And "pay rent ")
Shakespeare in the park.
For seven seasons, he played the role of Kayla Sedgwick's husband, Fritz Howard, in closer.
This role is still often present in a much closer series of derivative major crimes.
Still most famous is the mystery from X.
Romijn's television career has been fragmented in male films.
"I went from Pepper Dennis to Ugly Betty to Eastwick.
So it will take a while to find that stick.
But action suits her.
"I 've taken action movies, but this is the first time I 've done weapons training and martial arts training.
Yes, boating.
It's all about this role.
The drive to attract them in his oceanand-
She was like a castle and a bone.
Tenney said: "It's a gentle relationship and we need each other and it's going to make each other crazy.
Why are we together?
This is also a hope to be discovered.
"Our weaknesses are complementary," added Romijn . ".
"You will find a lot, but it will be a marathon, not a sprint. "jim. @ Sunmedia.
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