province to step up monitoring of dust levels near gravel pits - measuring devices

by:UMeasure     2019-09-18
province to step up monitoring of dust levels near gravel pits  -  measuring devices
With ongoing complaints about dust from gravel pits in the northwest, air quality around city prisons and two schools is being monitored.
Last week, Alberta Environmental and park officials set up particle monitoring stations near the Calgary Remand Center, the bearspaw Christian school and another rural area to measure dust from six gravel plants in the area.
The move was taken from readings of the resident and contractor's measuring equipment, which last year showed Provincial Airlines
The duplication of aggregate resources of Stoney Trail exceeds the quality standard (STAR)
I'm at 85 N Street. W.
"Concerns and complaints have been raised --
It has now been highlighted as our priority, "said Marty Collins, manager of the department's air monitoring team.
He said the group had hoped to set up a station last spring, but logistical challenges prevented that.
The province had been monitoring air quality in the area two years ago, "but the results were inconclusive, the project did not last for a long time and the conditions were wrong, Collins said.
The smaller particles produced by gravel crushing operations go deep into the lungs and other tissues, producing toxic and even potentially carcinogenic effects.
"This monitoring is health. driven . . .
"We have standards in place and we need the ability to classify data," Collins said . ".
"We hope it will stand up in science.
"Portable devices are the same as those used to monitor air quality during wildfire.
Monitoring results released online by BLV group, which operates STAR Mine, show that both total suspended particles and more dangerous PM 2 are at a level.
So far this year, five kinds of particles have been below provincial standards.
Local resident Bertha Staddon said that the noise and dust generated by the Star Pit is usually very bad in the summer, and her family left for a few weeks to avoid it.
"One year, when it was really bad, I thought, 'I can't do this anymore, I really lose my mind.
"Children have difficulty breathing and bleeding in their noses," said Staddon . " He has lived on rocky ridge road for 16 years.
Monitoring the project is welcome news, she said, although how serious it is, and whether the data will lead to any changes remains to be seen.
"It's good that they actually try to measure exactly what's going on. . .
"What did they do with this information, I don't know, who is going to execute this information," Staddon said . " Staddon and neighbors are planning to add new gravel pits in the area
Collins of Alberta's environmental company said the monitoring project will last until next winter, or maybe spring.
He hopes the data will eventually be published online.
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