professional laser level How to Lay Out a Foundation With a Laser Level

by:UMeasure     2019-07-02
Laying the Foundation with the laser level has become-man job.While the laser level will only help to level the base footer, it does not help to level the base, which has to be done with a triangular measurement.However, thisThe level of improvement will help at 1/8-inch accuracy.
The average do-it-With very little training, your players can use the laser level.Set the laser horizontal tripod on a horizontal surface several feet lower than the base.You can view this setting by looking at the level of the land.
Just place the tripod at the bottom of the slope.Although the tripod is not connected horizontally, the legs are stretched to bring the tripod base to eye level.By setting the level on the tripod base and inserting the rotary screw under the tripod base into the bottom of the laser level, connect the laser level to the tripod.
Do not tighten the screws.
Adjust one of the three screws located at the laser level until the horizontal bubble indicator is horizontal.However, you may need to use the screws a little to reach the level of the device.Once the laser is horizontal, then tighten the thumb screws that hold the level on the tripod base.
Connect the laser sensor, this is a 6-by-8-Square inch box, to the leveling rod.Open the rod to a full extension and connect the sensor box to the rod by sliding the box to the rod and tightening the thumb screw.Once you get the reference level lens, you release this screw and move the box.
Turn on the laser level and sensor.
Drive a 1/2-Inch steel bars enter the ground 12 inch in a corner of the excavation Foundation.Place the laser bar on top of the steel bar and listen to the sensor alarm.Release the thumb screw if you don't hear the sound-When the bar is kept at the top of the bar ---Move the sensor up and down slowly until you hear the alarm and tighten the screws.
This shows that the laser has found the sensor and now you have a reference point for all the other bar heights.The reinforcement will represent the thickness of the footer and all concrete will be poured to this height.Place the next steel bar 4 feet away from the first one and it takes only a few inches to get into the ground.
However, it is still in the center of the footer of the excavation.Put the laser bar on the steel bar and listen to the alarm.If no sound is heard, please tap the steel bars in a few inches and check again.
Continue tapping the steel bars a few inches until the alarm rings.Don't move the sensor box on the stick.In the next base shot you will put it in place.You will only move the reinforcement by hammer the reinforcement into the ground to adjust the height.
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