preserving humanityâx80x99s cultural legacy - laser light measurement

by:UMeasure     2019-10-13
preserving humanityâx80x99s cultural legacy  -  laser light measurement
The Louvre has perfected the art of protecting the Mona Lisa.
The British Museum protected the mummies that had been buried for thousands of years.
But what about Mount Rushmore, Angkor from Cambodia, Jerash from Jordan?
Heritage is an important part of human collective memory, and we are losing it at an alarming rate.
Earthquakes, climate change, or wars can destroy these irreplaceable cultural heritage at any time. They are too big to be locked at all.
So how do we make sure we maintain them for future generations?
The solution is to digitally scan, recreate, and permanently save them.
Seagate is working with international NGO CyArk
Profitable organizations, which digitally protect 500 major heritage sites around the world over the next five years.
Using 3D laser scanning and other advanced technologies, CyArk captures their detailed 3D data representation before the world's most important cultural heritage is overwhelmed by natural disasters, destroyed by aggression or by the passage of time.
CyArk is using Seagate's enterprise servers, intuitive business NAS systems, and rugged mobile hard drives to capture, centralize and archive these massive data files, let future generations experience these incredible websites in an unprecedented way.
How does it work?
How do you save the real life structure digitally?
It starts with creating a point cloud.
The 3D scanner reflects the laser from the surface of the field, measuring millions of points per second, accurate to within a few millimeters, to create a 3D data set or point cloud.
The color on the dot cloud represents the intensity of reflection from the surface.
The next step is to generate the grid.
Each data point is connected together through a small triangle, which is connected to form a wireframe.
These triangles are used to form solid surfaces from points and create solid 3D models.
The model is then colored using photos taken on the surface of the structure.
It turned out to be a photo.
Real 3D models can then be used to study this site further or for protection and education.
The goal is to protect the world's 500 most important or important
Nearly 100 projects have been completed in five years, including Pompeii, Babylon and Mt.
Rushmore, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Titanic, Sydney Opera House and Tower of London.
Collaboration with Seagate has enabled CyArk to scale up operations to achieve this ambitious goal, doubling the number of projects that the organization can undertake each year.
At all CyArk events, Seagate perfectly saved the next millennium and answered the question: what does it mean to keep the world's priceless digital assets forever?
Especially considering the rapid development of data storage technology, it is always a long process.
Through redundant, secure and ongoing data storage technology innovations, Seagate is working to preserve these priceless digital assets for the next millennium to achieve cyark's ambitious goals and surpass the organization itself.
Learn how other organizations use Seagate to leverage the power of data.
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