portable laser cmm delivers consistent quality, customers; for a contract shop that thrives on big jobs--not large production lots, but those that can require a milling envelope of 88' x 20' x 8'--a portable laser cmm is the key to qa and repeat business.

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portable laser cmm delivers consistent quality, customers; for a contract shop that thrives on big jobs--not large production lots, but those that can require a milling envelope of 88\' x 20\' x 8\'--a portable laser cmm is the key to qa and repeat business.  -  portable laser measuring devices
Janicki Industries was founded more than ten years ago (Sedro-Woolley,WA)is no run-of-the-
Factory contract manufacturer.
Note: Shaft grinding patterns, molds, plugs and tools manufactured
Worth it, but most impressive is the huge size of the mechanical components and components produced for the aerospace, marine and transport industries.
The company's custom milling machines offer huge working envelopes of 68 'x20' X 8' and 88 'x20' X 8.
This workshop system allows Janicki processing.
In a single set up mold and parts, the accuracy is improved and the installation time is reduced.
According to Vice President John Janicki, the key to the success of the company is their rich experience, quality assurance and precise ability
Various materials are processed, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, Inwa and Inconel, as well as graphite and carbon composites and wood.
To meet the needs of producing complex large parts in small production runs, Janicki has many years of expertise in design, 3D modeling, data translation, digitization, reverse engineering and parts verification[
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Quality = consistent customer Janicki employs five-
The quality assurance engineer team verifies that all parts meet the customer's tolerance specifications.
In order to ensure consistent accuracy, repeatability and reliability, QAgroup requires a high-tech approach to industrial measurement and to find the right technology in the measurement industry.
Janicki wants a reliable, mobile solution that adapts to every job they do.
Janicki QA team selected Leica laser tracking system from Leica Geography Statistics Department (Norcross,GA)
Portable coordinate measuring instrument (PCMM)
Used to check, analyze, and align parts.
The company purchased their first Leica laser tracker and tested it immediately.
Point of TheLTD500 and its patents-and-
Shooting measurements are used to check components, molds and tools.
The Thelaser tracker is also heavily used to align thousands of parts for large assemblies.
Janicki explained, "in manufacturing everyone wants the parts to be precise, so it's much easier to work downstream.
We were originally boughtour's first laser tracker, working with the aerospace industry to take charge of quality control tasks such as part matching, material shrinkage monitoring, alignment and assembly work.
But over time, we began to use it more and more in our operations. " [
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"Almost every job we do today requires the use of a laser tracker, which is our main QA tool," said Mike Draszt, manager of Metrology Group . ".
"Janicki guarantees tolerances and the eleica laser tracker is used to verify our work.
"We have to work in a dusty environment ---
Both inside and outside.
So this is not a laboratory condition.
The stability of the Leica tracker is amazing and almost free.
"It's not just QA Labs in stores, it's also in their factories and across the country, where Janicki ships equipment and QAstaff for large projects.
Due to the heavy workload and the need to check, Janicki recently purchased a second Leica LTD800 laser tracker.
This unit is the fastest measurement cycle in the high-density measurement business (
3000 minutes/second)
, According to Leica data, the longest measurement distance for large work up to 40 m. [
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At work, an example of the Janicki large project is the recent work on building decorative installations for the Joint Strike Fighter project contracted by Lockheed Martin.
The project will develop the next family
Replacement attack fighter (F-35 JSF)for the U. S.
The Air Force, the Navy and the Marine Corps, and the US Marine Corps. K.
The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.
In this project, Janicki produced a vacuum fixture for trimming aircraft wing plates.
The structure is formed by a carbon laminated panel, which is bonded to the stainless steel base before the panel is processed into a tolerance.
Inside the sub-structure is a vacuum line attached to the grooves processed into the mold that hold the wing material firmly during final dressing.
The QA team was asked to ensure at work that the tool accurately kept the surface profile of the wing within the customer-specified tolerance range.
Since Lockheed has made wing molds, Janicki ensures a perfect match between the mold and the vacuum fixture.
Janicki has more down-to-earth shaped the shape of the vessel, providing tools for the marine industry, from the hull and deck on 20' luxury custom yachts to the pattern of performance kayaks.
Port West shipyard (
Port Los Angeles, Washington)
Recently signed a contract with Janicki to build and assemble hull molds for a 164 'luxury yacht, the largest production yacht ever.
The huge machined hull mold consists of 30 fiberglass panels, 14 'wide X 35' long, these fiberglass panels are shipped to the Port of Los Angeles where the yacht will be assembled in steel
Janicki produced hull mold, deck mold pattern and superstructure pattern for the yacht.
"Historically, when you make a large composite hull mold, sometimes twice the building size, you create them manually.
"Shipbuilders will also build hull models where you intend to build ships," Janicki said . ".
"Today, we can build it in sections-
Website, and keep it in a capacity of 1/8 "over. This method is not too expensive due to its production environment.
The biggest benefit for marine manufacturers is that they can process the work inside the hull with a CNC machine for an absolutely perfect fit.
"The QA team took the laser tracker to the WestportShipyard site and aligned the fiber --
"The glass panel is exactly matched with the CAD model of the hull," explains Draszt . ".
"Literally, the group members are stacked together to form the bottom of the boat.
According to their 1/8 "tolerance specification, the part matching and alignment tasks are performed precisely.
This is one of the biggest assembly jobs they have ever completed. This is real-time, on-the-
Guarantee of work quality. . .
This is a very worthwhile job for the laser tracker.
We want our measuring instruments to be portable, but the overall reliability is indeed the main feature of the Leica laser tracker.
We just showed up at the job site and immediately started collecting data with this device.
"LeicaGeosystems, Inc. www. rsleads. com/501mn-
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