police recruitment: laser devices likely to increase transparency | chennai news - times of india - laser level and measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-11-12
police recruitment: laser devices likely to increase transparency | chennai news - times of india  -  laser level and measuring device
Police in Tamil Nadu will soon use a laser
Based on the timing equipment designed by Anna University during the recruitment process, digitally record the time the candidate has completed the running test.
These automatic devices cost up to Rs 1. 5-
Researchers say lakh not only limits human interference, but also brings more transparency as records cannot be tampered.
The study was funded by the recruitment commission for unified services in Tamil Nadu (TNUSRB)
, An agency under the National Ministry of the Interior, each time TNUSRB conducts recruitment activities to fill the vacancy of the deputy police
Tens of thousands of inspectors, warden or fire fighters are on duty.
Earlier this year, nearly 3.
26 lakh applied for 6,140 police positions.
All of these applicants must undergo physical and written tests.
The applicant is expected to complete 100-
As part of the physical test, the track race of 1,500 is carried out within the specified time.
Currently, in order to measure the time required for each applicant to complete the run test, a manual operator is used.
So it takes a lot of time and constant human intervention to make the system wrong. prone.
Given the scale and scale of the tests carried out, TNUSRB decided to automate the system and seek help from Anna University. A three-
Thamarai Selvi member team, director of technology development and transfer center (CTDT)
K. Senthil Kumar, a research scholar at Madras Institute of Technology, director of the Aerospace Research Center and P. Karthikeyan, with the help of computer technology, students recently came up with a working model.
Thamarai Selvi explained that the laser source and the resistance dependent on light (LDR)
Fixed to both ends of all tracks on the ground.
The position of the athlete should be like this, they will prevent the laser from falling on the LDR, which is the part used to measure the light intensity.
As soon as the candidate starts running, the laser from the source falls on the LDR.
Computer programs that monitor LDR readings start the timer immediately when the number of readings changes.
At the finish line, similar installations are mounted on a horizontal rod fixed at a height of 7 feet above.
Record the corresponding changes in the LDR and stop the timer.
These readings are sent to a micro-controller connected to a desktop or laptop.
After processing this data, the software will provide the final result (
Completion time for each applicant)
In PDF format.
In addition to this, if the applicant starts running before the shooting, then the laser will affect the LDR reading.
So it is inferred as the beginning of the error.
The trial run has been successfully completed and is ready for implementation, she added.
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