'plan with me' videos will inspire you to get your life together - straight line laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-13
\'plan with me\' videos will inspire you to get your life together  -  straight line laser
This article is part of a hard refresh, a soothing weekly column, and we are trying to clean up any horrible things you see on Twitter.
If you 've never seen anyone painting an umbrella, you're on the treat.
We all have planners we 've bought and never used.
Maybe before we put it on some shelf, we 've had a few weeks to write down the dates.
But those weeks, those planned weeks, are really good.
We remember what we should do because we wrote them down and maybe even bought beautiful pens for that purpose.
But these weeks are piling up faster than our planners and they start collecting dust instead of the date.
In a perfect world, our planners will always be on our side and ready to be written.
It turns out that this perfect world exists in the planning community on YouTube. Date-
Central figures from around the world gathered to show us how they kept their lives normal through bullet diary methods.
The bullet log was arranged by ledercarol with the help of schedule,
Do lists and random ideas in one place.
This method uses the bullet system (hence the name) to check everything.
This type of plan is more than just writing "lunch with Mark" one day of the week ".
It goes deeper and needs daily attention.
The creators of these YouTube are very focused on planning, so they plan their planners.
Most people come up with themes every month, which are illustrated with details that architects may put into when making plans.
However, they did not plan the design of the house to be built within a month --
Log very long with mood tracker, content target and inkdrawn doodles.
The monthly spread is filled with inspiring offers and vibrant colors.
"Life is hard, dear, but so are you," is an example of a quote that is often used.
In theory, they may feel "alive, laughing, Love", but when they write it in the well --
They feel more meaningful for some reason.
If the diary is a super power, these planners will save the world with straight lines and ink graffiti, drawn with the help of rulers, tapes and even lasers. No, seriously. Lasers.
Watch this video and see the laser used to write on a straight line without actual lines: others implement complex designs by enjoying sweet times with old-fashioned rulers.
This video is accelerated and set to music, but I believe it will take a while for this process
This is lucky for us because it looks so satisfying: Don't worry if you watch all the plan videos with me.
There will be more next month.
These planners will not soon be forgotten in the drawer.
Excuse me if you like. I have to buy some pens.
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