physicist: time machine is within grasp - rotating laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-11
physicist: time machine is within grasp  -  rotating laser level
Ronald Mallet has been eager to return to the past since he was 10. Forty-
Seven years ago, his father died young from a heart attack caused by heavy smoking, and Mallett has since been eager to pass and warned him of the dangers of cigarettes.
Nearly half a century later, a physics professor thought he could make a time machine.
And he's serious.
By the end of the summer, he will begin to build a device that he believes can send physical objects to the past.
The idea of time travel inspires the imagination of science.
For decades, fiction writers, but Mallett's machines will not reach 88 miles per hour in DeLorean with flux capacitors, as they will go back to the future.
Instead, it uses a circular beam generated with a laser, which will bend the space and time.
By applying Einstein's theory of gravity, a professor at the University of Connecticut will transmit a rotating beam through a crystal, twist time into a loop, and enable objects to travel in time.
Initially, Mallett only intended to transmit tiny particles to the past, but he believed that the possibility of sending larger objects, even to ourselves, existed.
He said, "buy a big one.
It takes more energy to scale the object to go through the time, but if you can show that it happens on the child
The atomic level, then becomes an engineering problem through bigger things.
According to Mallett, anything can be transported if there is enough energy.
But the scientific community is skeptical about whether time travel is theoretically possible.
The idea throws an endless paradox, including an obvious question: if the time machine has been created in the future, why didn't anyone come back and show us how to do this?
Mallett refutes this by pointing out that a person who comes back in time will create a parallel universe that modern physics dictates may have an infinite number.
In any case, his equipment does not allow us to go to any historical period.
Mallett said that from the actual situation, my device can only take you back when the machine is turned on for the first time.
For example, if I open one now, you can only go back to any time from now until Christmas.
It was unfortunate for Mallet because he could not visit his father.
But while his machine couldn't get him back, he suggested that Star Trek might open the door for the past.
He said: "The universe may be full of life, and there may be some civilizations that have developed time travel before us.
Imagine 10,000 years ago
We can enter our past with their machines.
It may take a long time for us to find these machines, but in time
Travel terms, we may have found them in the future.
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