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by:UMeasure     2020-01-14
physical books, ebooks reach an equilibrium  -  best digital measuring device
Just a while ago, book publishers and booksellers were still complaining about the arrival of e-books, such as movies --
At the dawn of the television era, the theater owner.
They are calmer now.
Recent statistics confirm the trend that book transactions first noticed at the end of 2015: At least among the major publishers, e-book sales have stabilized and even started to decline.
It turns out that not all readers are prepared to give up the tactile pleasure of holding a hardcover or paperback in their hands to share the convenience and digital features of electronic reading.
Here are the road signs: e-book sales fell by 18 in the first nine months of 2016.
According to the American Publishers Association, this ratio is 7 compared to the same period last year.
This is the only one of the four types.
Including hardcover, paperback and audiobooks
The AAP survey, which covers 1,200 publishing companies, fell.
The share of e-books in the whole market fell to 17.
7% per cent within this time limit.
Meanwhile, according to NPD Bookscan, hardcover sales surpassed e-books for the first time in five years in 2016.
NPD representative David Walter said NPD data failed to measure the entire e-book market
Not yourself.
Published e-books or e-books sold only through a single retail channel, such as Amazon's professional e-books.
Finally, sales of dedicated e-readers such as Amazon kindle seem to be falling;
Ownership of these devices has dropped to about all devices in the United States. S.
According to the Pew Research Center, the proportion of adults in 2015 exceeded in 2013.
But e-book experts say the overall market for digital reading continues to expand.
"I will not deny that the share of the top five publishers in the e-book market is declining," Jeffrey Brunner said . " He distributed an ebook referral newsletter through his website thefussylibrarian. com.
"But small publishers and independent authors have a bigger share. Five-
Harber Collins, Macmillan, Simon Schuster and Penguin Random House-
It accounts for 37 of the entire book market, but only 26 of all e-book sales.
The image of e-books as Giants has undoubtedly been hit.
"Before Year 56, there was widespread concern that digital reading would take over our business," said Oren Teicher, CEO of the American Booksellers Association.
Physical books and e-books may have reached some sort of balance, he said.
"This is going to be an either prediction --
The proposal proved incorrect.
Customers who buy books are also doing digital reading.
What slowed the pace of e-books dominating the world?
Economy, technology and habits. (
Disclosure: on my beloved Kindle Voyage, I do almost all the entertainment reading, but almost all the professional reading is printed. )
Several analysts noted that major publishers raised the price of e-books in 2015, raising the average price from $6 to nearly $10.
"Publishers want to build a value proposition for printing," said Brian O'Leary, executive director of the book industry research group . ".
This is partly because marketers continue to use hardcover sales as a guide to the commercial potential of titles, while low-priced electronic versions are considered to affect print sales.
As the price gap narrowed, the relative appeal of e-books fell.
The fragmentation of the e-reader market has weakened the innovation of e-books, O'Leary said.
Latest industry specifications for e-commerce
Book format for EPUB 3.
1. Adapt to the interactivity and other digital functions familiar with the web browser.
But they are not compatible with dedicated e-readers and even some smartphones and tablets.
As a result, publishers have little incentive to take advantage of these features.
There is also not much incentive for equipment manufacturers to meet the challenge.
Amazon takes over 80 of the competition between e-books and e-readers
According to industry data clearing authority AuthorEarnings, the language market, so by making its products more characteristic, it may not have much revenue. rich.
Its e-books are only compatible with kindle or computers, smartphones and tablets equipped with Amazon's reading software.
Then the cost of reading the device.
Kindle prices range from $80 to $80
Its dazzling but underperforming Oasis and the best equipment-sailing-were decorated for $400 and $300. (
Amazon obviously doesn't believe in giving the razor away and making money on the blade. )
These prices may be a headwind to the growth of the e-book market.
"If you pay for a physical book, there is no need for you to purchase an intervention device to read it," O'Leary said . ".
As it happens, more and more e-books are being read on tablets (
Half of electronic reading)
Smart phone (
About 18%)
The proportion of dedicated e-readers is about 20.
It is also appropriate to point out that e-book consumers do not technically own e-books --
They just licensed them as software, which does not exist for the use of physical books.
Finally, not getting rid of the tangible pleasure of reading this format, this format has basically not changed since the printer Aldus Manutius pioneered portable manual readingheld book —
Small enough to fit in the saddle bag. in 15th-century Venice.
E-book readers have their utility
My Kindle is filled with James Joyce's Ulysses, full Sherlock Holmes, and every novel by Charles Dickens and Joseph Conrad, but the weight is not empty
But, as Anthony Powell, the British novelist, praised for one of his classic novels, etiquette, the book does provide a space (
The Kindle costs $6. 72)
So far, the publishing market has told us that there is room for both entities and numbers.
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