pff: teddy bridgewater was nfl's most accurate passer in 2015 - most accurate laser measure

by:UMeasure     2019-10-14
pff: teddy bridgewater was nfl\'s most accurate passer in 2015  -  most accurate laser measure
Minnesota Viking quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has shown some significant progress in his second NFL season.
He's still a game though.
A manager of attack driven by all.
The Pro runs back to Adrian Peterson and Bridgewater keeps the chain moving with his precise arm.
In fact, the focus of professional football (PFF)
Found that he was the most accurate passer in the league in 2015, with an "exact percentage" of 79. 3.
The percentage of unique accuracy through PFF: PFF on Twitter is different from the traditional percentage of completion.
It treats the dropped pass as an accurate attempt and excludes the throw, Spike, the pass of the batting line and the pass that is released when hit.
Therefore, the percentage of accuracy is usually much higher than the percentage of completion.
When analyzing the quarterback by percentage of completion, Bridgewater posted the ninth best score for the NFL at 65. 3 percent --
Almost a full percentage point higher than his rookie rate.
His accuracy is not so much a laser as a result of his safe play --sharp arm.
He proved this on average at the age of seven.
Try 23 yards each time, ranking 17 in the league.
With Bridgewater gaining experience, he will take on more risks and his accuracy may decline.
If this happens, it will be a sign of progress, not a sign of retrogression.
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