pan am pool built for speed - laser level and measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-11-16
pan am pool built for speed  -  laser level and measuring device
With Pan Am records falling, national records are often broken, and there is a word that often appears to describe the swimming pool at the new watercenter in Scarborough: fast, very fast.
After four of the five-day races, athletes from 16 countries have established 35 Pan American swimming records and more than 75 national symbols.
There is no world record, but this reflects the depth and quality of the site on the pool.
"This is definitely one of the fastest swimming pools in the world," said Byron McDonald, swimming coach at the University of Toronto, who is here to comment on the CBC.
But what makes one pool faster than the other?
All elements look the same: water, lane rope, starting block, smell of chlorine in the air.
But the art of pool design is constantly changing, and the speed of the pool can be subtly or visibly affected, from the depth of the pool to the quality of the water and how it gets in and out.
With the progress and progress of the athletes, the swimming pool will also carry out most of the modifications to eliminate the turbulence and waves that may slow down the speed of the athletes.
"The biggest change in the last few years has been the circulation system in the pool," said former Canadian national coach Trevor Tiffany, he now lent his expertise to the company where the Myrtha swimming pool was built through distributors for the Pan Am swimming pool.
"In the past days --
About 10 years, 15 years ago.
Because the circulation system affects the performance of swimmers, they used to shut down the water, "he explained.
However, if the water cycle is not returned to the pool, the water level will drop, which in turn will lead to an increase in the waves of the water.
"So, in fact, it's a negative," Tiffany said . ".
"So we spent a lot of years trying to convince (swimming’s)
The world governing body that recycling systems need to continue to maintain.
We need to develop a circular system that does not affect performance.
"What has developed is a complex approach that brings all the benefits to swimmers.
The deck is gently tilted from the pool to calm the waves down until the drainage system, so the water coming out of the pool will not splash back.
Instead, it enters a tank and is designed to release the same amount of water back into the pool so that the water level does not change.
Lane ropes are also designed to absorb water, so the turbulence in one lane does not cause waves to the neighboring swimmers.
These lanes have also become wider.
5 M, faster.
An empty lane on both sides of the pool
8 swimmers have 10 lanes
It also helps to keep the water calm.
"It must be fast.
"I think almost all Pan American records have been canceled, which shows the level and venue of the game," said Edmonton swimmer Richard Fink . " Who picked up a bronze 100-
Breaststroke on Friday night“(In the pool)
You feel strong in the water.
Speed is easy for you.
This is definitely the case this weekend.
"It is also important that the depth of the pool, the length of the pool, the temperature, and the amount of chlorine and acid in the water, although some of these factors may be more psychological than physical.
Tiffany said the pool had to be at least two metres deep so that the rumbling on the water would not "bounce" from the bottom of the pool and would not slow the swimmers down.
"It may not affect the leading swimmers, but it will affect other swimmers," he said . ".
Macdonald attended the planning meeting of the facility very early, pushing the Pan American pool three metres deep.
While Tiffany doesn't believe how much of an impact it will have two metres away, he believes it makes it faster.
Canadian swimmer Luke Riley won the silver medal in the 400 m.
The individual medley of Rice also believes that there is a big difference in depth.
"I would think it was a very fast swimming pool," he said . ".
"The deeper the pool, the less waves bounce from the bottom.
The pool was also very nice.
We have received strong support from Canada.
When your whole country is behind you, it's hard not to swim fast.
"The temperature of the Pan Am swimming pool is 26C (or 79F)
This is the coolest stage of competitive swimming.
Swimmers usually train in a warm swimming pool for a few degrees.
"I don't know if it will make it more sticky or something like that, but once you reach about 83 degrees, it will really affect it if it's too hot (Fahrenheit)
Said MacDonald.
"The ideal temperature for the game is about 80, maybe 79.
Once it reaches 83 degrees, three degrees may sound irrelevant, but it feels like swimming in the soup.
The Pan American Games were held in Puerto Rico in 1979.
It was August and it was very hot and they even asked some coaches to bring ice cubes to the pool from their hotel as the water became so warm.
The idea of keeping the pool cool is similar to adjusting chlorine and pH, Tiffany said.
Ideally, athletes want to feel fresh and clean when they run into water.
It is also important for competitors and TV to have few clouds.
McDonald also believes there is another factor that makes the Pan Am pool faster.
Almost all pools have a partition that can be moved to change the length.
This Scarborough pool has one at each end.
They are like a pier on a lake, about a metre above the water.
This allows the water pushed forward by swimmers to flow under the partition instead of bouncing back to the partition, McDonald said.
This causes turbulence to dissipate as it approaches the wall.
Although he was not involved in the final design, these double partitions were something else he pushed early on.
"I can't prove this at all, but it's my theory," he said . ".
"I'm not an engineer, but I know there are two pools like this in etobiko and Charlotte. C.
Both pools are extremely fast.
This is the only one I know in a big game.
I think it's fast.
I can't prove it, but I think it's faster.
"One thing that was checked before the meeting, it sounds obvious, is the length of the pool.
The partitions have developed to the extent that they can be positioned exactly within 1mm, so a laser measuring device is used to ensure that 50-
The pool is 50 metres.
"It may sound a bit silly, but if the pool is 1 inch long and you swim 200 or 400, it really adds up," Tiffany said . ", Travel from heavy events to major events to ensure that the pool installed by his company is in optimal use.
Of course, there is also a factor that can make the pool faster.
"The answer is simple," Tiffany said.
"Swimming is fast.
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