painless laser device could spot early signs of disease - laser light measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-17
painless laser device could spot early signs of disease  -  laser light measurement device
Portable devices with painless lasers will soon replace X-rays as a non-
Invasive methods for diagnosis of disease.
Researchers say the technology will be widely used in about five years.
This method, known as Raman spectroscopy, can help identify early signs of breast cancer, tooth decay, and osteoporosis.
Scientists believe the technology will make the diagnosis of the disease faster, cheaper and more accurate.
The Raman spectrum is to measure the intensity and wavelength of the scattered light from the molecule.
It has been used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
For example, flame properties are measured using a Raman laser.
By studying how fuel burns, the contamination of combustion products can be minimized.
Michael Morris, a chemistry professor at the University of Michigan, has been using Raman spectroscopy to study human bones for the past few years.
He has been working on the body so far, but he says the Raman spectrum can prove effective for living patients.
"You can change a lot of programs and there are a lot of diagnostic procedures right now.
The biggest advantage is that it's not
Invasive, very fast-
Much faster than the classic program
More accurately, "he told BBC News.
Scientists say that when a person is sick or is about to get sick, the chemical mixture in the tissue is very different from the chemical mixture in the healthy tissue.
Professor Morris explained that the Raman spectrum would change depending on the tissue it analyzed.
"Raman gave you a molecular fingerprint, which is the composition of anything you are measuring," he said . ".
"In the state of illness, depending on the disease, the chemical composition is either slightly abnormal or very obviously abnormal.
"The diagnosis can be done in a few minutes without X-ray.
"The patient just has to put the wrist on the table and then we have the fiber that transmits the laser. . .
"Connected to the holder, a bracelet made of silicon, tied to the patient's wrist," explains professor Morris . ".
"We turn on the laser and after a few minutes we collect enough signals, we turn it off.
In principle, it takes a few seconds to explain the result.
"In addition to bone disease, this tool can effectively detect early tooth decay," the researchers said.
In some cases, it may become unnecessary to draw blood.
For example, to determine the level of cholesterol, simply point the laser to "where you want to take blood samples at the bend of your arm," where the blood vessels are close to the skin, "said Professor Morris.
Another application may be to use Raman as a non-
Invasive alternative to typical breast X-ray examination
One uses low-dose X-
Patients were screened for breast cancer by radiation.
The laser will "observe" the tissue and produce different spectra.
Color distribution reflecting differences in organizational properties.
This may reveal benign or malignant tumors, depending on the characteristic changes in protein structure and the relative content of proteins, lipids and nucleic acids in the tissue.
British researchers at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Royal Hospital of Gloucester in dicott have been using Raman spectroscopy to analyze calcium stoves in breast tissues that may be early signs of cancer.
"We can target these calcium stoves and decide whether they are benign or malignant," said Nicholas Stone . " The head of biophoton research at Royal Hospital in Gloucester told the journal Chemical and Engineering News.
"If they are malignant, or if they look malignant, you will come back for a biopsy.
If they are benign, accounting for 80-90% of the cases, you will not come back for a biopsy.
"In the UK alone, this will save about 80,000 patients a second operation.
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