on the level: pah, they didn't have laser tools when i was a lad - laser distance measuring tool price

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on the level: pah, they didn\'t have laser tools when i was a lad  -  laser distance measuring tool price
Jeff Howell considered the life before the laser tool last week, I used the laser level on the 18 th to determine the height of the floor
Century House, I found myself wondering what the original chamber of architecture thought about the magic.
They don't even have a spiritual level in their time.
Some builders and DIYers think the laser level is super
Modern technology must be completely accurate, but it is important to note that we must be careful.
The laser itself is just a beam of light, and whether it is horizontal depends on the accuracy of the device it is connected.
Some cheaper laser levels consist only of laser sources mounted on a tripod fixed at the end of the traditional mental level
Accuracy depends on the correct positioning of the horizontal tube or bubble vial in the body of the instrument, and the user's ability to judge when the bubble is concentrated in the vial.
More expensive instruments are designed as "self"
"Flat" but this property depends on the front of the factory
Settings, and the ability to withstand common impacts and shocks of buildings-site use.
The spiritual realm of a traditional bricklayer or Carpenter is itself a bubble bottle in a straight barrel. edge.
This is a simple tool that does not require a battery, and its advantage is that any slight inaccuracy will only be amplified with the length of the liquid level itself.
The correct way to transfer data using a mental level (a fixed height)
Cross the room, or mark a long horizontal line on the wall, which is the flip horizontal endover-end as you go -
This way, any slight inaccuracies are canceled each time, not added.
However, if the laser level is not accurate, it will be amplified at one time as it crosses the entire distance.
It is expected that the change in death levels above 5 m is only half a degree, which will result in a rise or decrease of 45mm, which is an obvious slope through the kitchen floor.
You can place two wooden screws on the workbench or block of wood, separate the horizontal length, place the horizontal on them to check if your mental level is accurate, adjust a screw, until the bubbles are in the center of the vial.
Then reverse the horizontal end-over-end.
If the bubble is no longer in the center position, the level needs to be corrected.
The vial of the old wooden spiritual level is usually placed in the plaster of Paris, which makes it easy to break the vial and reset it.
Modern bottles are more likely to be set in plastic or epoxy, and it is difficult to remove the glass bottles without breaking them.
Before the invention of the spiritual level, how did the builders set the level in the 18 th century?
They often do not bother.
But the corners of the building can always be built vertically, using vertical bob on a straight line.
Then the timber Square (
Using the bidago theorem
Called "3: 4: 5 triangles" by the builder ")
Can be used to take a horizontal from a vertical corner.
Once you have marked a data in all corners, everything else can be measured vertically from it (or "gauged")
Tape measure.
When I started building bricks in the 1970 s, there were still a few old boys with no mental level.
They will measure their work from the corners and use a line between them.
When they reach the top of the mountain, their walls will die.
I'm sure they'll be amused by something new.
The laser level of the sharp teeth, but they will not have use.
Ask Jeff if the light bulb is faulty. My daughter's house has traditional lighting.
There are separate circuits upstairs and downstairs.
No problem upstairs, but the frequency of light bulbs blowing on the circuit downstairs is monotonous.
She bought high-quality light bulbs, some of which are facing up and some of which are facing down.
There are also some main halogen lamps that will not last for a long time. Sometimes (but not always)
They explode when the lights are on, sometimes (but not always)
They tripped the circuit breaker of the consumer unit.
There seems to be no consistency in failure.
Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?
RB, Chelmsford Jeff replied that the first step is to keep the record to determine if the bulb really exploded before the life expectancy.
The average life of traditional incandescent lamps is about 1,000 hours, equivalent to only 3 hours a day in a year.
It is not uncommon for the lights upstairs to last longer, as the bedrooms and floor lamps can only be used for one hour per day, meaning they should last for three years or more.
However, the lights in the lounge, kitchen or downstairs hallway may be turned on for six hours or more a day, meaning they should not be more than six months.
If the record shows that the lamp for a particular accessory does blow in advance regularly, check the accessory.
A defective accessory may show evidence of burning, or black carbon marks in places where there is a shortage of electricity
Circuit between terminals (
Before investigating any accessories, isolate the circuit in the consumer unit).
Please note that with the aging of the bulb, the filament evaporates and deposits as a black residue inside the glass, so the blown but blackened bulb may extend the time, while a clearer person may fail due to impact or vibration.
However, I suspect that if you faithfully record the number of hours each light is turned on, you will find that most bulbs last 1,000 hours or more.
Under-floor heating I am investigating the existing different types of under-floor heating systems and was told that the way forward for the 21st century is to heat directly from under-floor
Soil, in a way similar to solar energy
Heating plate on the roof.
Do you know this seemingly endless cheap heat source?
DW, Wellingborough Jeff replied that the system you describe is a heat pump, which works the same way as the refrigerator, extracting heat from low heat by using a compressor to pump in refrigerant gas around the circuit
Temperature source (the ground)
And delivered at higher temperatures
Like the heat from the coil behind the refrigerator.
In theory, each unit of electricity supplied to the pump can deliver the heat of three units to the chamber.
However, since the installation cost starts at around £ 10,000, the heat pump takes 30 to 40 years to pay for itself, and it is unlikely to be worth it in the country.
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