on american hard drives, a precise 3-d model of notre-dame - exterior laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2020-01-02
on american hard drives, a precise 3-d model of notre-dame  -  exterior laser measuring device
Washington (AFP)-
At Vasa college in the United States, a university team gathered a week before the devastating fire in Notre.
Paris cathedral plans an ambitious project: About 3 megabytes of inventory
D modeling data of famous Gothic masterpieces.
These precious figures are Andrew Talon's work, a French-loving American art professor who loves medieval architecture and is passionate about the Gothic cathedral.
He passed away on November.
His technology is not new, but his application of tools is innovative.
Of the 2011 and 2012 funded by the foundation, Talon used laser equipment to accurately measure the interior and exterior of the cathedral that was ravaged by flames this week.
He placed the device in about 50 places to measure the distance between each wall and column, groove, statue or other form ---
And record all the imperfections inherent in any century. old monument.
The result is that there are more than one billion points in the "point cloud.
The last computer
The generated images reconstruct the cathedral to the smallest detail, including minor defects, with an accuracy of about 5mm (0. 1 inches).
For example, these pictures confirm how the west side of the cathedral is "a mess. . .
On 2015, Talon told National Geographic that he pointed out the misplacement of the internal pillars.
His former student, Lindsay Cook, said he wanted to "get into the idea of builders", a pro-French like Taron and now a Vasa
"He is interested in using laser scan data to discover small cracks in buildings, places where things are not completely straight or lead drops, Cook told AFP:" Where you can see an architect's hand, in this case, you can see the hand of a stonemason. ". -
"A proper souvenir"
Images from a book published in 2013 were born from these measurements and in Notre-Dame in 2014.
However, on some hard drives, most of the data is still not utilized in the form of 1 second and 0 second.
Several French companies are also working on Notre-
Little bits and pieces of salt ~-
Not for historical research, but for protection.
Art Graphique and Patrimoine, who helped Taron work, said they collected 30-
50 billion data points, especially the destroyed 19th-century spires and destroyed roofs.
Gael Hamon, CEO of Art Graphique and Patrimoine, told AFP that talon "has a complete model but is not exhaustive . ".
His company is now trying to piece together the data "jigsaw puzzle. Notre-
Without this data, Dame may be able to be rebuilt, but laser modeling brings precision to the photos and drawings held by French architects.
This is especially useful for elements such as roofs and towers that are more difficult to physically measure.
Modeling will help the recycler to recreate the Vault section that collapsed inside the same way.
"If the authorities want to use this eventually, then of course they will share it with them," Cook said . ".
The data is currently on Vassar's external hard drive, with a copy at Columbia University, and as part of the "Mapping Gothic" project, scholars work with Tallon.
If the architect asks for data, then the data must be delivered in person because the data is too large to be transmitted over the Internet.
If Talon's "academic work can somehow inform those who will undertake the arduous task of restoring the former glory of the cathedral, it will be a proper memorial for a very good scholar, he put so much energy into Notre.
Said Jon shenett, dean of Vasa.
On other hard drives, if historians wish to one day, they will also discover another legacy of Talon: Laser modeling of beauwe, Chatres, Canterbury and even the Cathedral of the Church of the Holy ChurchDenis.
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