no date for photo laser yet: police - digital measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-09-23
no date for photo laser yet: police  -  digital measuring device
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This article was published in 1/1/2015 (2398 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Provincial regulations introduced before Christmas provide police with a new way to capture speeders with camerasphoto laser.
How long will the police deploy a new laser system?
Like the traditional laser speed.
The measuring device, but it also takes pictures-
Stay in the air.
However, the police said it would not be used on a trailer, such as speed-
Reader board used on the road
Where permitted by regulations, drivers are urged to slow down at construction sites or school areas.
"This is not something we are thinking about using," said the Staff Sgt . ".
Rob Riffel said Monday.
"This is just an option for the new system.
"These regulations prove that the province has blessed the police to start using photos of the Dragon card --
As long as it is installed on the vehicle, the laser crash gun can be used.
DragonCam uses radar-
Light Detection and Ranging-
The speed of the object is calculated by emitting a laser beam to measure the distance of the object, such as a speeding vehicle.
Not that one.
The lidar, like a bunch of radar, accurately locates the target 600 away.
The police can not only mark the speeding person with the Dragon card, but also capture the high-
Even the video. Traffic-
Todd Dube, law enforcement activist at Winnipeg WiseUp, said the new laser system eliminates criticism of the shortcomings of photo radar, especially how it can be used on Grant Avenue near the streets of nazarille.
WiseUp believes that the beam of the radar unit is reflected by a metal rod and generates a false speed reading.
"With the laser, they can leave all the valid arguments we put forward correctly," Dube said in an email on Monday ,", wiseUp plans to launch a second court challenge to grant and the nazarier forces in the third quarter.
WiseUp abandoned its first challenge in last September.
Police have been able to use photo radar on trailers.
On 2001, before the full launch of photo law enforcement, police said they wanted to use a high-speed trailer, a photo radar --
There are equipped trailers installed in the building area.
The trailer acts as a warning signal to measure the speed of the oncoming vehicle and post it on the reader's board.
This gives the driver a chance to slow down.
The second camera then measures the speed at which the vehicle passes.
If the vehicle is speeding, a ticket will be sent to the owner.
Police only use high speed trailers occasionally. bruce. owen@freepress. mb.
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